Sometimes a Butt Kickin’ is Good for You

20 second fitness program

The past four weeks or so, I've been waking up each morning and getting an intense workout in just eight to twelve minutes.  A workout so intense, that  most days it takes all I can to just make it through the workout.  And the best part...I'm seeing some results! The 20 Second Fitness program is unlike any other workout or fitness program I've … [Read more...]

When Less is More

20 second fitness program

There aren't many times in life when I can honestly say that less is more -- except of course when I'm talking about my weight.  I can't believe I'm even writing about it for the whole world to see but, I made a commitment to myself to be a healthier, fit me and I'm on way! For the last three weeks, I've started my day off with 20 Second Fitness … [Read more...]

There Comes A Time When You Realize Things Have to Change

20 second fitness

Growing up, I was always the tall, skinny girl that never had to worry about her weight.  I could eat whatever I wanted to and I always weighed about 115 pounds. Even after I had my first two babies, my body bounced right back and I was sitting comfortably at about 120 pounds. But something changed after that third baby.  Somehow, I've ballooned … [Read more...]