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That One Time I Admitted to Big Puffy Heart Superheroes

This post is part of a sponsored series with Fandango. This post was originally published on Fandango Family Room. All opinions, thoughts and experiences are my own.

My husband has been a lifetime fan of superheroes.  It all started as a small child and his love for the genre and the characters grew as he did.  From boxes and boxes of comics, to every single action figure produced, to endless rows of DVDs on the shelf, he encompassed it all and spent more money that even he would be embarrassed to admit.

When we got married I couldn’t understand this fascination with these fictional characters.  At times, early in our marriage, it was sometimes a subject that caused strife.  I got tired of his superhero clutter invading my space.

As we began to expand our family and have children, I thought he would get preoccupied with parenting and his beloved superheroes would have to take a backseat.  I was wrong.  As soon as our children could sit through a television show or movie, I would find him sitting on the couch, cradling our children, watching countless hours of his their favorite characters fighting evil.

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Although it was easy for him to win over the children, I on the other hand, didn’t give in that easily.

Being a mom has taught me many lessons over the years.  One being that if I want to spend time with my children and husband, that sometimes means doing something I really don’t want to do.

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Little did I know that spending 90 minutes with my husband and three children would teach me a lesson I try to instill in my children every day.  You can’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case a movie by its genre.  There is actually more to those villain fighting, earth saving, suit wearing characters than meets the eye.

After enduring my first ever Marvel film with the family, I found that I big puffy heart superheroes.  Especially Marvel superheroes.  So much so that I watched The Avengers and Iron Man 3 even before my husband and children.  But don’t tell my husband.  It’ll be our little secret.

I guess the whole point here is that I consider myself more of a comedy and chick-flick kind of gal, but I’m absolutely intrigued by this treasure trove of awesomeness that Marvel has created.  It’s not just about explosions, fighting and killing bad guys.  It’s about the journey of the person behind the mask or cape and how they have to overcome the things that stand in their way of being a true complete hero.

For Iron Man, he had to learn to believe in himself and his ability rather than depending on a suit.  For Black Widow, it was finding out that you can be who you want to be regardless of your past.

Each movie has a lesson that can be taught and/or learned.  That’s why I, as  a mother, allow my children to watch them. Sure there is violence.  Sure there are explosions.  And, sure there are questionable circumstances, but it isn’t any worse than they see watching the 6 o’clock news, y’all.  I use it as a prompt for a good, wholesome discussion about life.  It opens up the lines of communication for subjects that might not have been approached otherwise.

Use family movie night as a time for engagement and family enrichment.  Find a lesson in each film and let that be a stepping stone to a family discussion.  Don’t think of it as time wasted in front of a screen but rather as a teaching tool.  But watch out.  You might be in for a lesson yourself.

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    We love movies and use Fandango all the time to buy our tickets.

  2. 4

    I haven’t used Fandango yet, but have thought about it for the kids. They are always wanting to go to the movies.

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      What are you waiting for girl? Fandango makes it so much easier and you don’t have to wait in line at the box office at the theater once you get there.

  3. 6

    I LOVE the Marvel movies and I’m glad that you watched a movie and enjoyed it.

  4. 7

    We love super hero movies here.

  5. 8

    I did enjoy the iron man movies I’ve seen, but will never be a big fan of the genre as a whole.

  6. 9

    I never watched the Superhero genre until the past few years .. and I discovered that they are REALLY good movies (most of them). Now, I keep up with them so I can speak “my son’s language.” 😉

  7. 11

    I love that pic of your family in super hero shirts! My family loves watching all the Marvel and other super hero movies.

  8. 13

    fandango is amazing! We always use it, especially for midnight releases so we know we can get a seat before heading down to the theater

  9. 14

    We all love watching Super Hero movies in our house!

  10. 15

    I LOVE this pic! So funny and cute!

  11. 16

    I found my love for Superheroes when I was a single Mom to a boy. It’s funny how they gravitate to those things even when they don’t have a parent getting them to watch!

  12. 17

    I never used to like them either, but my son and my ex loved them so much that it kinda just rubbed off on me and I started to really like them too!

  13. 18

    I’m the same way- I usually prefer chick flicks & comedies but MAN do I love Marvel. Especially Iron Man 3 {&Avengers}, love it!

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