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Texas BBQ at Lockhart Smokehouse

A special thank you to Lockhart Smokehouse and the Dallas CVB for this complimentary meal. This past weekend my family and I had the opportunity to visit Dallas on a short weekend getaway.  Being that Dallas is only about three hours away, it makes for an affordable, family-friendly location. After spending the afternoon in the car when we … [Read more...]

Medieval Times: Fun for All Ages

With five kids ages 14, 12, 3, 2, and 7 months, it's hard to find something we can ALL enjoy! It's either something the little ones love that bores the rest of us, or something the big kids want to do that the little ones are too young to enjoy. We really struggle finding a good family activity! I've driven by the Medeival Times castle in Dallas … [Read more...]

Residence Inn by Marriott Near SeaWorld San Antonio

As a family of five finding a hotel that fits our needs is sometimes difficult.  My children are getting older and all three of them no longer fit on a queen bed comfortably so our options are pretty limited. During a recent family excursion to San Antonio we decided to stay at the Residence Inn by Marriott near SeaWorld.  It was our first stay at … [Read more...]

Stingray Encounter at SeaWorld

This past weekend, the family and I headed to San Antonio to visit one of our favorite places in Texas -- SeaWorld.  This was our first trip of the year and we were ALL excited. The children didn't know, but we had a special surprise in store for them.  SeaWorld's new waterpark Aquatica offers Animal Encounters for people of all ages (even little … [Read more...]

Houston Downtown Aquarium Offers Fun and Learning

I can't think of anything better than being able to spend quality time with my family.  Whether we are sitting on the couch snuggling, or exploring family-friendly locations in Houston, I enjoy every minute spent with these incredibly special people. While we were testing out the Dodge Journey Crew a couple of weeks ago, we decided to take a trip … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday | iT’Z Family Food & Fun

With the dangerously high temperatures this summer in Texas, we've had to find indoor activities to keep the children busy. I'm so glad we found iT'Z Family Food & Fun that offers affordable indoor entertainment and an all you can eat buffet! A special thanks to iT'Z Family for inviting us out to eat and play at the Houston … [Read more...]


Just one of the giraffes at the Houston Zoo! … [Read more...]

Close Encounter with the Dolphins

During our recent trip to San Antonio, we had the opportunity to get extremely close with the dolphins.  This was actually our second time with the dolphins and I think it's one of my favorite things to do at SeaWorld.  I decided to get a quick video with my husband and son as we were feeding the dolphins. If you've never been to SeaWorld, I'd … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday | River Walk San Antonio

I love taking the kids down to the River Walk in San Antonio.  I took so many pictures that they just started posing for pictures although I never could get them all to look at me at the same time. … [Read more...]

How to Eat Healthy at SeaWorld San Antonio

One of our favorite summer destinations is SeaWorld in San Antonio.  The last two years we've been extremely lucky to visit quite a few times and each time, we all have an absolute blast. This year we have started to live a healthier lifestyle and really pay attention to the things we are allowing the family to eat. We were a little hesitant about … [Read more...]