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About Me

photo with kermit and miss piggyHello there! My name is Crystal and I’m a 30’s something wife, mom and wanna-be storyteller. I live in Texas, enjoy the warm weather and pretty much spend my days in my beloved flip-flops.  I am married to the man of my dreams and the person who makes the hardest times in life more manageable.

Together we have three wild and crazy children.  Taylor, 10, is the oldest and is quite the diva, already. Rylan, 8, is all boy and handful of energy. He’s the one who keeps me on my toes, daily. Then there’s Peyton, 5, who is the baby and he makes sure to flaunt it daily.  Although life as wife and mom is chaotic and unpredictable, I can’t imagine my life without these four people and coffee!  Oh, and chocolate!

I love working with brands that fit in naturally with my lifestyle. If you feel your brand would be a good fit for us, please feel free to send me an email at crystal {at} simplybeingmommy {dot} com.