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How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs

Would you believe me if I told you that I just learned how to make hard boiled eggs about three months ago?  Well, it’s true.  I’ve always loved hard boiled eggs, but someone else has always made them for me.  I finally asked my mom and she was more than happy to share but I’ve made a few changes that seem to work better for me.  I don’t really think there is a wrong or right way to make hard boiled eggs, but this way has proven to be a family pleaser.

  1. Place eggs in a pan that is large enough to hold all the eggs in a single layer and fill with water. Make sure you have enough water to cover the eggs by at least one inch.
  2. Bring water to a boil, turn off the heat and cover the eggs. Let sit for about 14-15 minutes.
  3. Drain eggs and add cold water to the eggs. Let eggs cool for about 10 minutes and drain.
  4. Crack the eggs by rolling them on a hard surface and peel.

I’ve found that eggs that are too fresh are sometimes difficult to peel.  I have better results by letting eggs sit in the refrigerator a week or two before making hard boiled eggs.

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I enjoy them just like they are, but sometimes I’ll sprinkle a little Tony Chachere’s seasoning to give them a little kick.


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  1. 1

    good directions!!! if you don’t do the cold water bit after the yolks will turn green inside

    • 2

      I did not know that. Thanks for sharing.

      • 3

        Just curious, your instructions say to bring water to a boil, turn off the heat and cover the eggs. Let sit for about 14-15 minutes. When turning off the heat, are you moving the pot to another cooler burner to sit?? or leaving it in its original place on the stove with no flame yet the stove racks are still hot from the flame… sounds silly but again, just curious…looking foward to trying your way tomorrow, always end up with stinky eggs … ugh…

        • 4

          Hi Liz,

          Not a silly question at all. I keep the pot on the burner, just turn the oven off.

          Good luck with your eggs tomorrow 😉 Let me know how they turned out.


  2. 5

    thats exactly how i do mine, but i pour salt into the water when i began , for it keeps the shells from cracking all about and gives you big cracks instead of lots of tiny view cracks. tip for a pretty cut half cut boiled egg is using a cheese cutter, the zigzag pattern makes it so pretty and spraying some pam on the slicer prior to will not let the yolk stick to the white boiled part. i love knowing easter is coming and getting boild up some eggs to enjoy.

  3. 7

    Great tutorial! I usually only make hard boiled eggs during the holidays and somehow every year I forget how to make them. Bookmarking this so hopefully we can enjoy these year round. And I love me some Tony Chachere’s!

  4. 8

    I learned to make them as an adult too. Don’t worry 🙂

    I love eggs, pretty much all ways.

  5. 9

    Great instructions! I have always wasted electricity boiling mine for ten minutes. Thanks to you I now know to turn it of and just leave the lid on.

    Did anyone ever teach you the best way to boil rice?

    • 10

      I was boiling the eggs, but I found they were a bit rubbery. I like this way much better.

      I don’t really do rice — I mean, I do rice, but the 5-minute kind.

  6. 11

    Thanks for the tutorial! I learned this as an adult, like you and Penelope too!

  7. 12

    Well, I guess you learn something everday. I NEVER know there was a science to boiling an egg. I just usually throw it in a pot of water and that’s it…..never failed me yet….. but your way makes it seem like a fancy boiled egg(lol) and also very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  8. 14

    I do mine completely different than that, but it’s good to know there are many ways of doing it!

  9. 15

    I always dump tons of ice over them after they are done. They peel perfectly!

    • 16

      I do the ice too. Makes them cool faster and peel easier.

      This is the way my mom always cooked her eggs minus the ice. She’d just let them sit in cold water then get to room temperature before using. I never seem to have the time to wait.

  10. 17

    I dump ice on them too! And, I only started making hard boiled eggs in the past couple of years b/c I have a daughter that loves them (while I’m not a fan).

    We also use boiled egg molds — my daughter loves seeing her eggs look like a bunny, or a heart, or a star.

  11. 19

    I am horrible at boiling eggs. I’ve been getting better though. But I make a ton for coloring and we usually eat less than half before tossing the rest

  12. 20

    I cheat – I have a Cuisinart Egg Cooker – perfect boiled eggs everytime with no fuss LOL – one of the best gifts I’ve ever got…

  13. 21
    victoria says:

    Love hard-boiled eggs! thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  14. 22

    I tried it the boiled water way, but I kept over cooking them and they kept turning green, so I bought a Nordic Ware 64802 Microwave Egg Cooker – it’s fabulous. 8 minutes in the microwave and they peel perfectly every time. No nasty green on the yolk (which means the egg is overcooked) and the eggs don’t stink. I keep 4 in the fridge at all times.

  15. 23

    Good directions. I am totally always playing guessing games with how long to boil them, and I love hard boiled eggs. Whether I use them in egg salad sandwiches or just eat them like this, and it’s so hard to cook them just right!

  16. 24

    Great directions. I love hard boiled eggs. For the longest time, I would always forget the exact timing of how long to cook them for and I’d have to call my mom or mother-in-law to remind me. I really should write it down. I think I get confused because one says 12 and the other says 14 minutes. Usually they always turn out perfectly. I love how they can be used in so many different recipes or eaten as is.

  17. 25

    My husband eats only the middle, it cracks me up. With Easter coming up quickly, this was a good post to write-up. I didn’t know how to make hard boiled eggs for years, and was too embarrassed to ask. I finally did ask someone and the response was totally as expected, “What?? You’ve got to be kidding me, you don’t know how to make them??!!” lol

  18. 26

    I have mixed results when I make hard boiled eggs. Sometimes they’re absolutely perfect. Sometimes they’re NOT!

  19. 27

    I always make deviled eggs for our Easter dinner. Thanks for sharing this! I love to try new ways of making them. I usually sprinkle a little cayenne pepper on mine!

  20. 28

    That’s the way we’ve always done it!

  21. 29
    Amy @ Eggies Canada says:

    Sometimes people need lessons on the simplest things like making hard boiled eggs. I know i had to learn how to get the timing right. Sometimes the simplest recipes are the most delicious.

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