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My Visit to the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California while I was there with Kellogg’s and the other Champions of Great Starts Bloggers.

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Photo Source: Trent Stafford

Our day at the Chula Vista Training Center started with breakfast in the dining hall where all the Olympic hopefuls that stay on campus can eat their meals.  In addition to hot meals prepared by the onsite chef, the hopefuls have their choice of cereals, breads, fruits and oats.  While we were there eating breakfast, so were some of the hopefuls.  Needless to say, I felt so out of place and incredibly out of shape.

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Photo Source: Trent Stafford

After breakfast we learned more about Kellogg’s and their partnership with the Olympics. They have teamed up with eight Olympic hopefuls (Team Kellogg’s) and each of these hopefuls, created a video of their “Start Story” that you can find on the Kellogg’s Facebook Page.  In watching these videos, you see eight extraordinary people who are going to go on to do amazing things.  Their strength, determination, drive, spirit…it’s just all very evident in these short little videos.

I’m not sure about you, but I can’t wait to watch the Olympics!

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Photo Source: Trent Stafford

While we were at the training center, I also had the opportunity to interview Rita Wieber, who is the mom of Olympic Gymnast Hopeful, Jordyn Wieber.  It was a one-on-one interview (that was being recorded) and I was incredibly nervous.  I think it went well and I’m looking forward to sharing the video with you once I receive it.

I also did a professional photo shoot that was way too much fun.  I hate being the one in front of the camera, but I actually enjoyed myself.  Rumor has it that I’ll get my own Kellogg’s cereal box with my picture on it.  I don’t have the pictures from that shoot yet, but if and when I do get them, I’ll share them with you.

chula vista training center

Photo Source: Trent Stafford

The Olympic Training Center and the property it sits on is just breathtakingly beautiful. The campus is huge and houses some of the greatest athletes in the world. Just having the opportunity to be there, surrounded by all that incredible talent, it was just beautiful. I can’t really describe it any other way — it was just beautiful.

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Photo Source: Trent Stafford

A special thanks to Kellogg’s for providing transportation, lodging and meals.
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  1. 1

    What an amazing event! That is so neat that you’ll get your a cereal box with your photo on it!

  2. 3

    What a great group! Am I silly for giggling at the mention of “starting the day with breakfast?” It IS Kelloggs, after all! 🙂

  3. 5

    You look beautiful! And how neat is that to get your photo on a cereal box! I don’t like pictures of myself, but I think I would enjoy a professional photo shoot, too. 🙂

  4. 7

    When I was growing up, it was the ULTIMATE complement of an athlete to have their likeness on a cereal box. It’s AWESOME that you’ll have your likeness on your own box. Can’t wait for you to share it!

  5. 9

    Can’t wait to see the cereal box that is so cool! Sounds like a good time.

  6. 11

    Wow! How neat to have your own cereal box with your beautiful face! The center looks amazing. I too am excited for the Olympics!!

  7. 13

    Your own cereal box?!?! HOW COOL! I can’t wait to see all the photos, I am sure they are beautiful. And yes, I can’t wait to watch the Olympics. I am actually totally bummed because my sister is getting married during opening ceremonies and I LOVE the opening ceremonies… Oh well, guess what I will be watching via my DVR the next day! LOL

  8. 15

    That is awesome!!! I can’t wait to see it

  9. 16

    This sounded like such a neat event!

    If you get a cereal box with your picture, you better take a picture and share… 🙂

  10. 18

    What an awesome trip and the picture on your very own Cereal Box = Awesome!!

  11. 20

    What a wonderful opportunity!

  12. 21

    I can’t wait to see your cereal box

  13. 23

    What a fantastic experience! I’m a huge Olympics fan – can’t wait for the games to begin in a few weeks! I can’t wait to see your cereal box too!

  14. 25

    How fun is that! I met Olympic runner Kara Goucher last December at an event for Amway Nutrilite & MAN was I impressed at the things she does to keep herself ready for the Olympics. I can only imagine what the training center has!

  15. 27

    Gorgeous! I lived in Chula Vista when I was a little nipper and hope to visit the area again one day soon. I’ll have to add the Olympic Training Center to the must visit list.

  16. 29

    The training center looks outstanding and I am a big fan of Kelloggs products!

  17. 30

    THIS would be so much fun — what an amazing opportunity. Can’t wait to see that box!

  18. 31

    This is extremely cool!

  19. 32

    Wow what an experience that must have been to visit there!

  20. 33

    What a wonderful event. That would definitely be one to remember 🙂

  21. 34

    Sounds like a great event. It must have been exciting.

  22. 35

    What a fun event! I feel so clueless to not know this was in my own state 😛 I’m looking forward to your famed cereal box – I want it autographed!

  23. 36

    How cool is that. I would have loved a chance at shooting archery again, I used to shoot every summer growing up.

  24. 37

    What a cool experience!

  25. 38

    What a wonderful experience!

  26. 39

    Wow how exciting and fun!

  27. 40

    So excited to see your box of cereal!

  28. 41

    WOW that is incredible I can’t wait to see your cereal box with your photo that will be so much fun

  29. 42

    That is sooo cool!

  30. 43

    How awesome to have your photo on a box of cereal! I would give a box to every member of my family for Christmas, lol.

  31. 44

    That’s awesome. I look forward to seeing the pictures.

  32. 45

    You all look beautiful! What a fun time!

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