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World of Color

During my day at Disneyland, I attended a viewing of World of Color. I’m not usually one that is in to the “showy” part of amusement parks, but I decided to at least give it a shot and I’m so glad I did.

disneyland world of color collage

The World of Color is a water, light, fire and laser show that happens at Disney’s California Adventures at dusk. It happens right across from Paradise Pier and is the most unique show I’ve seen. Throughout the show, you see glimpses of various films including The Little Mermaid, Pirates of The Carribean, Wall-E and the newest addition, Brave.

disneyland world of color balloons

It’s a 22-minute long show that leaves you oohing and aahing and you’re able to see your favorite characters come to life in a unique way.

disneyland world of color ariel

You can purchase the Glow with the Show Mickey Ears and become part of the show. The Glow with the Show Mickey Ears synchronize with the show and allow you to become a part of the magic of World of Color.

disneyland world of color mickey ears

Although World of Color is a part of your park admission, the Glow with the Show Mickey Ears are additional purchase of $25.

Thank you so much to Disneyland for the special VIP viewing and for the Glow with the Show Mickey Ears. I was invited to LA as a guest of Disney. Most of my expenses were paid and all opinions are my own.
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  1. 1

    This is at Disney LAND? I hope so! I want to take Lizzie to see it and we are planning a trip there instead of FL due to prices being cheaper. Oh my, my mouth is dropping at how pretty that is. Great pictures!

  2. 3

    That is so beautiful. I would love the chance to see it.

  3. 4

    Oooohhhh….how beautiful that is. Was it set to music?

  4. 6

    We’ve missed World Of Color each time we’ve visited California Adventure since it opened. I’m going to make sure that does NOT happen next time!

  5. 7

    How totally awesome.
    I have never been to Disneyland – it is on my Bucket List.
    That show is definitely one that I really want to go to.

  6. 8

    Oh i love it! beautiful. I’ve never heard of this – but would love to see it!

  7. 9

    That looks awesome, I enjoy the shows especially the ones that really “wow” you! I would love to visit Disneyland one day, compare it to Disney World.

  8. 10

    Thanks for reminding me what an amazing night this was! I need to go back and experience it all again.

  9. 11

    This looks so pretty! I love attending the shows while I am in theme parks, it’s always a nice break from the heat and the lines!

  10. 12

    That looks like it would be a fun show, totally different then anything I have seen!

  11. 13

    that’s so cool. I love those kinds of shows

  12. 14

    So much fun!

  13. 15

    What a unique show, looks like a lot of fun.

  14. 16

    What a unique and fun show. It’s amazing how many awesome things there are to do and see at Disneyland.

  15. 17

    Wow that is soo cool

  16. 18

    That looks beautiful!

  17. 19

    That’s amazing. Your pictures came out great.

  18. 20

    I bet it was awesome. I watched the show at Hollywood Studios right before we left in April and LOVED it. I just wish I could have video taped it all to show my kids.

  19. 21

    I LOVED this show and my kids were so excited that I captured about 28 minutes of it for them to watch LOL. Can’t wait to share my thoughts and video, it was such a neat thing to see.

  20. 22

    How pretty! I’ve never been to Disney Land.

  21. 23

    It looks like everyone had a blast! The show looks beautiful!

  22. 24

    I can’t wait to visit Disneyland…someday!

  23. 25

    Very beautiful!

  24. 26

    I am so excited to see it in a couple of weeks.

  25. 27

    It looks hypnotic, I can imagine it’s wonderful.

  26. 28

    This looks breathtaking. Disney knows how to do it!

  27. 29

    Looks amazing. I love light shows!!

  28. 30

    That looks like a lot of fun! The ears are a unique addition!

  29. 31

    Now that is really, really neat. Looks like a must see for me!

  30. 32

    Wow, that looks really cool. I love your photos!

  31. 33

    I’ve seen this twice and loved it just as much each time!

  32. 34

    How neat. I’d love to see it in person!

  33. 35

    I saw the water show in florid and it was spectacular so much better in person than in the pics

  34. 36

    WOW! Those pictures are amazing! I want to head back to Disney sometime soon. Haven’t been in FOREVER!

  35. 37

    Love the pictures!

  36. 38

    Wish I was there.

  37. 39

    This looks artistic and beautiful.

  38. 40

    This was beautiful!

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