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Meet Jamie | The Newest Addition to the Team

*Note: As I was thinking about how long I’ve been blogging and how much my family has changed during that time, I realized that we were missing something here.  Although I no longer have babies, many of you still do and I wanted to find someone that could share all things babies.  And that’s where Jamie comes in.  I’m so excited to welcome her to the team.

Hi everyone! I’m Jamie and I’m more than excited to be the new baby contributor for Simply Being Mommy. With three little ones under the age of four, I’m definitely smack dab in the middle of the baby years.

My husband, Jeff, and I were married in 2007 and we became an immediate family. He had an 8 year old daughter named Hallie and a 6 year old son named Easton. That’s right, I’m a step-mom, and I love it! I’m sure you did the math, but we’re a family of 7 now!

jamies family picture

If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “You sure do have your hands full, don’t you,” we’d be sailing on our yacht somewhere in the Caribbean! A girl can dream, right?

After spending five years in the classroom as a bilingual teacher, I started my new career as a stay at home mom when my son was born in 2009.

Now, I have a 3 year old named Langston and his little brother, Riverson, is 2. They’re 16 months apart and sometimes I wonder if it might be easier if they had just been twins. Whether they’re hitting each other or hugging each other, they’re always each others best playmate and it’s fun to watch brothers grow up together.

Just when I thought we were finished adding to the family, God had a surprise blessing in store for us and SHE came in to our lives in August of 2012.

mother daughter picture

You may wonder how I have time to do anything else, but I love blogging and sharing all about our lives on my blog, Roubinek Reality. I’m always looking for the next fun craft or DIY project and I’m constantly practicing my photography skills on my kids.

I’m looking forward to sharing fun posts about all things “baby” to you, the Simply Being Mommy reader!

About Jamie

Jamie is a wife, baby snuggler, toddler wrangler, and step-mom to teens. She loves photography, traveling, and DIY projects. Whenever she's not spending her time as the organizer for her busy family of seven, she's blogging all about it on her Dallas mom blog.


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    Debrah Reid says:

    Welcome Jamie 🙂

  2. 3

    What an adorable family Jamie!! Can’t wait to read some of your posts.

  3. 5

    What a cute baby!!! She’s about to give me baby fever all over again! Welcome!

    • 6

      Uh oh! Maybe this will control the baby fever: she doesn’t sleep all night. Is that better? 🙂 She IS cute, though!

  4. 7

    Welcome, and such a lovely family pic.

  5. 9

    What a beautiful family! I don’t have a baby anymore but I’m still excited to see what Jamie has to share!

  6. 10

    what a lovely family! Hi.

  7. 11

    Welcome, Jamie!!!!

  8. 12

    What a beautiful looking family! As a mom to one boy, I couldn’t imagine five kids. 🙂 Looking forward to reading your posts… welcome, Jamie!

  9. 13

    Welcome! Your family is beautiful!

  10. 14

    I look forward to reading your posts Jamie!

  11. 15

    Welcome!! You have a lovely family!

  12. 16

    Hi, Jamie!! 🙂

  13. 17

    What a lovely family…congrats Jamie!

  14. 18

    Nice to meet you Jamie. I had to laugh when I read your comment about sailing in a yacht!

  15. 19

    Welcome Jamie! You have a beautiful family!

  16. 20

    Hi Jamie! It’s nice to meet you. I can’t wait to start reading your posts!

  17. 21

    Hi Jamie! Can’t wait to read your posts! 🙂

  18. 22

    Welcome Jamie!!!

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