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Snugg iPad Case Review

It may be my iPad, but I have to pry it out of my daughter’s hands if I want to use it. Harper is a 3-year-old technology addict.   She’s decorating cakes, dressing dolls, and practicing forming letters.  Although I wish I had more exclusive use of my iPad, I worry less about its safety now that I have the Snugg iPad Case.  The Snugg iPad Case keeps my iPad snug as a bug in an adorable leather rug!

Snugg iPad Case

The first question I ask when buying a product a lot of the time is “Is it cute?”  The Snugg Case is!  The thick, durable leather is available in a wide-range of colors.  I’m loving light blue right now.  There are colors that might be deemed more professional (black, white, etc.), but this was just too fun to pass up!  There are cases available for each generation of iPad, if yours is a year-old dinosaur like mine or a brand-new one.

Snugg iPad Case

I went to a meeting recently, and I brought a notebook.  Not a notebook computer, a college-ruled spiral notebook.  I have to be honest that it was so out of place.  The Snugg case would be the perfect companion for my next work soiree.  The Snugg cover serves as a stand with two positions available to increase your comfort and the ease of use.  There’s the “share your screen with the people sitting next to you” position and the “I’m actually checking my email while you’re doing a presentation” position.

Snugg iPad Case

The Snugg designers left access to all of the ports available, so you’ll never need to take the cover off.  There’s also a loop for holding a stylus (stylus not included).  A fun feature is the elastic hand strap, allowing you to keep your hand firmly on the iPad.  If you ever do encounter a problem with your iPad because of an error with the case, the Snugg Promise says your iPad will be replaced.  Another benefit of housing your iPad is the cover puts the iPad to sleep when closed.  It’ll automatically wake back up when opened.

Judging by its durability and thick material, I can rest easy handing over my iPad to my daughter.  If only she’d share once in a while.


You can purchase the Snugg iPad Case for the suggested retail price of $49.99 $34.99.

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  1. 1

    I really like the style and durability of that iPad case.

  2. 3

    This looks like a nice case. I would love to get one of the blue cases for my iPad.

  3. 5

    I saw someone with one of these at the Apple store today and really liked it.

    • 6

      Did you get anything fun at the Apple store???

      • 7

        I actually went to have them look at my laptop because I took it to Best Buy (Geek Squad) and they said more then likely it was the logic board. Apple said it was the logic board and it was so old (2006) that they can’t order the parts. So even though I left the Apple store and didn’t buy anything I went out later that day because Best Buy had a sale on the 13″ MacBook Pro and I had a $125 gift card. So I did purchase a new laptop just not at the Apple Store.

  4. 8

    That looks like a really nice case.

    • 9

      It is! I love that I can stand it up in different ways. My girls watch Netflix on it during long waits, and now they don’t argue about who gets to hold it.

  5. 10

    This looks like an amazing case.

  6. 12

    Such a cute case! We need to get one too because my 4 year old is always playing it!

  7. 14

    I love the color!

  8. 16

    very nice case i can’t wait to get an Ipad2

  9. 18

    I totally want that blue one!

  10. 20

    I love the color of that case! I used to have a similar one, but decided I needed more of a hard shell since my little ones are always banging it.

    • 21

      I previously had something that just flipped over the screen when you weren’t using it. It wasn’t doing anything to keep it safe from harm. Long live our iPads!

  11. 22

    Nice case. My daughter’s case is more bulky, but she sort of needs the extra cushioning.

    • 23

      I’ve seen the ones designed for kids. Very cushy, you’re right. I like that this works for both of us. 🙂

  12. 24

    I like the stylus holder on this one. Mine is similar but this one looks a bit more sturdy.

  13. 26

    Have to look this for my daughter! 🙂

  14. 28

    A durable case is a must!

  15. 29

    This sounds great. I am so tired of my iPad falling out of the case.

  16. 31

    What a nice case!

  17. 32

    That is SUCH a cute case! &I totally get it, my son uses my iPad WAY more than I do.

  18. 33

    What a great case! I love that color!

  19. 35

    I recently got an iPad Mini so I have been looking for a case for it. I just looked at the Snugg prices and $29 is definitely affordable. Thanks for sharing your review.

    P.S. Is that a Minnie Bowtique game? What’s the name of it because I would love to know some games your 3 yo plays since I can’t really find anything that my 2yo can play.

    • 36

      It is! The Minnie Bow Maker game is very cute and pretty easy to use. My 3-year-old loves Cake Maker, also. Since both of my girls like Scooby Doo, they play a lot of a Werewolf Scooby Doo game. There are some great interactive storybooks also. They have a Rapunzel one that’s a great story (not the Disney version of the story, but still sweet) and has little activities like growing flowers.

  20. 37

    I wonder if this would work on my tablet?

  21. 38

    I absolutely love the color you chose, so pretty. Our tablet (not an iPad) is without a case and like you my kids have it most of the time. I should really get a case eventually for it as I’m sure the oops day will come.

    • 39

      It probably won’t protect the tablet when you drive on the freeway with it on the roof (true story, my sister did it). I needed something for the more frequent drops on the wood floor though.

  22. 40

    I have the same problem!

  23. 41

    looks like a great case for the Ipad. I’ll have to check it out.

  24. 42

    We just got new iPad cases, but this one looks really nice! Love the color!

  25. 43

    I love how bright and bold the color is so you can feel stylish while knowing your iPad is protected.

  26. 44

    I like this.

  27. 45

    That looks like a great case. I am pretty partial to my ZAGG Profolio keyboard case.

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