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Spring Clean Your Diet with Dr. Praeger’s

Although I feel like I do a pretty good job of eating a balanced diet, my family could use some work.  My older daughter would eat  microwaved chicken nuggets for every meal.  I give in because they’re easy, but I feel guilty about her diet especially the limited number of veggies she eats.

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So I’m spring cleaning our diet!  Out go the overly processed, high-caloric junky foods.  In come the veggie-centered foods packed with real ingredients like those offered by Dr. Praeger’s.  Dr. Praeger’s features great tasting food that’s great for you.  Low in fat and cholesterol, these frozen options taste as good as they make me feel!  No “Mom Guilt” when I am serving my family foods with no artificial ingredients.  They are quick enough for weeknight dinners or snacks after school.  Say goodbye to back-to-back nugget nights!

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I stopped eating meat when I was 13, and back then finding vegetarian meal options was often a challenge. Things have certainly changed!  Vegetarianism has exploded in popularity, giving countless options at grocery and convenience stores.  And with the increased focus on health, you’ll see a wide-range of people shopping the aisles for veggie-filled and sensible foods.

I’ve had pretty much every veggie burger on the market.  What I loved about the Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie Burgers were the chunks of vegetables.  I would never have the motivation or time to chop all the carrots, zucchini, broccoli, and onions (and that’s just the beginning of the veggie ingredients) that went into making it.

Dr. Praeger’s review

I’ve had potato pancakes, but never considered using another vegetable.  Broccoli Pancakes and Sweet Potato Pancakes are just some of the veggie pancakes available from Dr. Praeger’s.  Broil them in the oven or toaster oven to get a crispy serving of veggies that taste like you’re eating hash browns. The Sweet Potato Pancakes are just one of the many gluten-free offerings!

There are tons of options that appealed to my entire family.  When perusing the website, I discovered a whole line of products designed for younger diners.  Veggies shaped like dinosaurs?  That may actually work with my picky eater!  If you’re looking to spring clean your diet, you can fill your freezer with food from the farm with Dr. Praeger’s.

dr praegers review


You can purchase the full line of Dr. Praeger’s products online at drpraegers.com.

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  1. 1
    Shelley Scheibel says:

    I like the CA Veggie Burgers! Great to store up on the “Dr. Praeger’s” for the freezer!

  2. 3

    I never thought of spring cleaning our diet. What a great idea!

  3. 5

    That’s an awesome idea! I need to do this before I begin the next phase of my weight loss plan!

    • 6

      Best of luck to you! I have the best success when I remove all of the temptation from the house. Happy Spring Cleaning!

  4. 7

    I love this company!!

  5. 9

    I have seen their stuff all over.

    • 10

      I’m glad to see the company expanding and, therefore, making it easier on me! I could only get it at Trader Joe’s for a while, but now their products are available in supermarkets and natural food stores nationwide.

  6. 11

    I buy their broccoli pancakes

  7. 13

    I’ve not seen these. I’ll keep my eyes out for them

  8. 14

    Believe me, I LOVE organic and natural food. I also like mock meat since I can’t eat real meat. However, I wasn’t a big fan of their food. 🙁

  9. 15

    My daughter will try anything, she eats pretty healthy.

  10. 17

    never tried potato pancakes before they sound so tasty

  11. 18

    I am not a vegetarian, but I love the vegetarian foods!

  12. 19

    I’ve never heard of Dr. Praeger’s before.

    • 20

      Check out the freezer section next time you’re out shopping to see if your store carries Dr. Praeger’s.

  13. 21

    I tried them last year – SO tasty!!

  14. 23

    Those sound really good! I’ve never heard of them but I need to check them out!

    • 24

      It’s nice to have something other than popsicles and waffles in my freezer. Let me know what you think!

  15. 25

    Those sweet potato pancakes sound good.

    • 26

      Oh my goodness, they are amazing. I love (loooooove) sweet potato fries, so I was really interested in trying them. Because you bake them, they are crispy so it feels like French fries. Just happy they aren’t fried.

  16. 27

    I’ve never heard of Dr. Praeger’s before but this looks like it’s worth checking out.

  17. 29

    This is the first I’ve heard of this company – their prices seem quite reasonable too. I think my family would really enjoy the Potato Littles 🙂

  18. 31

    I picked up their veggie burgers this weekend and they were amazing!

  19. 33

    I haven’t tried them yet but I have heard wonderful things. Even my 9 month old nephew loves their spinach bites.

    • 34

      My girls loved veggie burgers when they were babies. Easy to pick up and eat independently…score!

  20. 35

    I think I’d be a little adventurous and try these.

    • 36

      They’ve got some great options. If you’re hesitant, a great starting point would be the California Veggie Burger.

  21. 37

    These actually look really good!

  22. 39

    Those look so good!! I love trying new foods!

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