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Is the 2014 Nissan Versa Note Right For You?

I drive a minivan, and I’m okay with that.  I fought purchasing a “mom car” for as long as I could, but practicality won out.  Now I couldn’t imagine my life without it. When I was asked to attend a media event for the 2014 Nissan Versa Note, I was most curious about whether this car would work for moms like me.

2014 nissan versa note

I had such a fun time driving the spunky, tech-heavy Nissan Versa Note around San Diego. With a MSRP starting at below $14,000, you can’t beat the price either.  Since my family is dependent on seating for three car seats (our two children, plus room for a cousin), I couldn’t replace my minivan for this smaller car.

So who is this car right for?

New Drivers:  Throughout the duration of my drive, I kept thinking what a good fit the Versa Note would be for my nephew who is quickly approaching driving age.  The car’s styling is energetic & modern, and comes in fun colors like Metallic Peacock.  Shocking because of its low price, the 2014 Versa Note includes all kinds of great technology.  Hands-free text messaging, navigation, and Bluetooth audio streaming are just some of the great features. When taking the driving test as a teenager, I was so paranoid about the parallel parking portion.  Not a problem with the Versa Note because of the rear-assist camera and bird’s eye view monitor.  The car also has a setting that can alert you whenever you’ve exceeded the speed limit — what a great learning tool for new drivers!

Young & Active Couples:  Camping, surfing, mural painting…the 2014 Versa Note allows you to do it all.  The hatchback styling of the Versa Note gives drivers tons of storage space. You’ll be seeing the new commercials calling the hatchback the “door to more.”  I remember having hobbies…then I had children!  Young couples who are looking for a vehicle that will allow them to stow all their stuff will fit right in the Versa Note.  We saw a surfboard fit inside, and have heard a ladder can fit too!

2014 nissan versa note trunk

Smaller families:  Not every family needs a minivan.  If you’ve got one child or don’t plan on hauling multiple kiddos and all of their stuff, this could totally work.  There is a ton of legroom in the back, great for taller people.  I’m always trying to pass things to the back seat like drinks or my cellphone.  The backseat includes a flip-down armrest with built in cup holders, so there isn’t a need to pass things back over your shoulder while driving.

Whatever you drive, it has to fit your lifestyle.  The 2014 Nissan Versa Note is a fun drive with lots of personality.  Does it sound like the right fit for you?

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  1. 1

    I drive a minivan too 🙂 I love space in a vehicle and this looks like it takes care of that issue and more.

    • 2

      Once a minivan owner, always a minivan owner? I daydream about driving something like the Versa when I’m older (or when the kids are older).

  2. 3

    I rented a Versa and really like it. It’s compact and great on gas.

  3. 5

    I used to be an only nissan girl.

  4. 6

    Wow, under 14k that’s awesome. And it looks like it has a ton of trunk space, love that.

  5. 8

    Its cute but too small for our family, would be a good car for my son.

  6. 9

    I love how affordable it is, and Nissan has a pretty darn good track record!

  7. 10

    Love the way this looks an the storage space!

  8. 11

    I own two Nissans, so the Versa Note is definitely my kids of car. However, like others have mentioned, I need a minivan. We’re a family of seven and can’t get away with anything smaller. On the other hand, my kids are at school all day and I often wish that I had a smaller, more fuel efficient car to drive around for errands!

    • 12

      I depend on that third row myself. My husband is going to be in the market for something for himself in the near future. I don’t think he needs the big car as much as I do since we normally swap cars. There’s some flexibility there!
      Have you thought about something like the Nissan Leaf? I chatted with a representative from Nissan at the event, and it sounds just wonderful!

  9. 13

    That’s a cute car, and I love the colour.

  10. 14

    It looks like a great car but with my big ol’ family, I’m a mini-van mom too!

  11. 15

    Looks like a nice practical car.

  12. 16

    We joke all the time about getting a minivan but this is kinda nice!

    • 17

      I swore I would never drive one! How things change! This is a great option for families who plan on staying with a lower number of kiddos. Me and my biological clock can’t be contained to seating for 5!

  13. 18

    That’s a nice color!

  14. 19

    My sister might love this car – she is looking for a new one!

  15. 20

    This sounds perfect for a small family or a college student!

  16. 21

    My sister just bought a new Versa and she loves it. My family is too large for a small car, but I’d drive it if I commuted to and from a job.

  17. 22

    This sounds like a great car for smaller families… or as a second car… thank you

  18. 23

    It looks very nice to me. I’d drive it. It would look especially interesting parked next to my 1949 DeSoto and Beeb’s 1960 Comet.

  19. 24

    Now that I have an empty nest it could totally work for me!

  20. 26

    I love small cars! If I wasn’t expecting baby #3, I would totally drive a Nissan Versa Note.

  21. 28

    This might be a good solution for us since we have two kids. I need a hatchback for hauling things and impromptu parking lot diaper changes, but not necessarily the size of an SUV.

  22. 30

    It really was an amazing car to drive.

  23. 31

    I don’t think the Versa Note would work well as my everyday vehicle, since I need plenty of space for three children and all of their gear, however, it would be perfect for my husband. He could drive to work in style, yet still own a car that could fit the entire family in an emergency situation.

  24. 33

    It would not be a right fit for us at the time but definitely I could see my kids driving when they get old enough or even myself when i am not toting kids around all the time LOL

  25. 34

    That’s a spunky looking car! I love the color. &The price is nice, too!

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