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Breathing Easier with Arm & Hammer Simply Saline

The older I get the more I’m beginning to notice that my body isn’t as young as I want it to be.  I’m getting wrinkles, a few discolored hairs (we won’t even say what color they are) and sometimes my body parts just don’t want to work with me.

Over the last few years, I’ve had some troubles with my sinuses.  If you’ve ever had sinus problems, you know that most of the time it can lead to headaches.  And not just your normal headaches, folks.  Migraine type headaches that put you out of commission for days and have you bound to a dark room.  At first I thought all these headaches were migraines and after going through some testing, a MRI, and bloodwork, I still don’t have any professional answers.

However, I can now tell the difference between a sinus headache and a migraine, simply by the way my sinuses feel.  I still get migraines and I still get sinus headaches.  But, the one good that comes out of knowing what type of headache I’m dealing with is how I can better treat it to get relief sooner.

arm & hammer simply salineArm & Hammer Simply Saline is a sterile saline nasal mist that moisturizers and clears everyday congestion from your nasal passages.  It is safe for everyday use, unlike some other products, because it is drug-free!  There are only two ingredients listed on the can: purified water and 0.9% sodium chloride.

Simply Saline can be used in two ways: to flush and irrigate or to moisturize.  I will admit that flushing and irrigating is bit gross and should be done either in the shower or over a sink.  If you’ve never done this before, it does feel weird.  But once you are done, it’s such a nice feeling knowing the nasal passage is free and clear of anything that could be wreaking havoc in your head.

I mostly use Simply Saline just to moisturize my nasal passages.  When they feel dry and achy, there is a good chance that a headache is on the way.  Simply by moisturizing my nasal passage, I’ve noticed a huge difference in the severity of my headaches.  Coincidence? I don’t think so.  When I was experiencing headaches when I was pregnant with my surro-baby Zachary, my OB suggested another brand of saline.  As the allergens in the air worsen and our air-quality gets poorer and poorer, I think frequent headaches are becoming more and more “normal.”

arm and hammer simply salineI’m not sure about you, but I don’t want headaches to be my normal.  If you are sensitive to the allergens around you or suffering from dry and cracked nasal passages, I’d highly recommend giving Arm & Hammer Simply Saline a try.  It has worked wonders for me.  So much so that it sits on the desk in my office.

Just a word of advice: when you are using Simply Saline, do not breathe in like you would if you were using a nose spray.  If you do, it will burn like you got water in your nose.  Since it is a mist, simply insert the nozzle in your nostril and gently press on the button.  It will release a fine mist into your nose.

I know the act of putting something into your nose can be pretty scary, but it really isn’t all that bad.  When used correctly, there should be no pain or discomfort.  It may feel awkward, but should not hurt.

Do you use saline to help keep your nasal passages clean and clear?

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Crystal Reagan, the owner and founder of SimplyBeingMommy.com lives in Small Town, Texas with her husband and 3 children. Crystal and her website have been featured on local and national news stations including Channel 2 Houston and ABC News. She has also appeared on BetterTV as a Mommy Expert for VTech.


  1. 1

    Great information – I get a lot of sinus headaches – good tips especially with fall allergy season here.

  2. 2

    We’re going to have to try this. Allergies and the resulting sinus issues are a year-round thing here.

  3. 3

    We use a neti pot. I do use saline on the kids when they get icky in their noses. Glad you found some relief.

  4. 4

    We do use saline but I’ve never used this product. It sounds like a great solution.

  5. 5

    My allergies act up the worst during the fall but I’ve never used saline – i’ll have to keep an eye out for this brand.

  6. 6

    Ohhhhh — I’ll have to try this!

  7. 7

    I will have to try this as sinus and allergies are a year round issue in our house.

  8. 8
    jen deyoung says:

    i’m going to have to try this, i suffer from chronic sinus infections and use a neti pot but it’s such a messy process!

  9. 9

    This might just be the greatest thing ever! We have terrible allergies in our house and no one but me will use traditional nasal sprays. I bet my kids would allows a mist, though. Thanks for posting about this, it’s very helpful information.

  10. 10

    This whole week I have been so stuffed up due to Allergies. It’s not fun!

  11. 11

    Saline is my friend! It truly helps me breathe when my allergies are trying to kill me.

  12. 12

    Saline is my friend! It truly helps me breathe when my allergies are trying to kill me.

  13. 13

    I’ve been plagued with sinus issues since I was a child. I’m heavily considering on getting surgery to correct it – it’s that bad! However, I’ve used before and it somewhat gave me relief. I also use Alkalol Nasal Wash – very good stuff!

  14. 14

    I need to use this to help me with my allergies and sinus pain!

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