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Recycle From Every Room of the House + 10 Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

This is a partnered post with MomTrends and Johnson & Johnson.

My dad is the king of recycling.  He sorts by material and then color, and then keeps it all organized in a crazy sorting system that I have yet to figure out.  Now, Basil (when your dad’s name is something awesome/unusual like “Basil,” you are obligated to reference him by his first name) is also quite thrifty so he uses the money he earns from recycling to pay for his haircuts.

BasilI got lots from my dad, and of those things is the appreciation for recycling.  I don’t take mine to the recycling plant, but my recycling bin fills way faster than the regular garbage. Unfortunately, only 7 out of 10 Americans say they recycle consistently.  And even those of us who do recycle, may be forgetting a great opportunity to reduce our waste.  Many, myself included, are forgetting to recycle from the smallest room of the house: the bathroom.

Johnson & Johnson has created a campaign to help us remember to recycle items from every room of the house, including the bathroom.  The Care to Recycle Tumblr site highlights all of the bathroom items that are recyclable and allows you access which items are recyclable in your geographical area.  Providing simple information about what we can recycle makes it even easier to ensure we’re saving items from every room of the house from entering landfills.

Did you know that each year Americans throw away enough 15 ounce shampoo bottles to fill 1,164 football fields? That’s more than 18,000 tons of plastic ending up in landfills.

To ensure a third generation is doing their part, I have trained my children to sort their waste materials in the fashion of their grandfather.  They are prolific artists and are constantly turning trash into treasure.  One way they help reduce their waste is using items from around the house, including the bathroom, and turning them into art.

We have gathered some fun art projects that are all made from one of the bathroom’s most commonly trashed recyclable: the toilet paper roll.

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

  1. Easy Halloween Candy Holders
  2. Flying Bats Craft
  3. Pumpkin Halloween Craft
  4. Toilet Paper Roll Jack-O-Lanterns
  5. Colorful Ghouls
  6. Halloween Treat Holders
  7. Toilet Roll Bats
  8. Toilet Paper Roll Treat Holder
  9. Toilet Roll Candle Holder
  10. Toilet Roll Frankenstein

In addition to the empty toilet paper rolls, you can also find some fun crafts using empty shampoo and conditioner bottles, lotion bottles and more! To learn more about Care to Recycle and for a list of Johnson & Johnson consumer products that are recyclable, please visit caretorecycle.com!

Do you recycle your bathroom items?

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  1. 1

    These all look so fun! I especially love the little treat pockets!

  2. 3

    OOh lots of fun crafts here. I recycle as much as I can unfortunately toilet paper and paper towel rolls aren’t one of them. I guess I need to change!

  3. 5

    I love making crafts out of toilet paper rolls. I am going to bookmark the site. Thanks!

  4. 7

    I like the whole recycling aspect, it saves money and encourages creativity and decreases waste.

  5. 9

    Love the Bat Upcycle from the toilet paper rolls! Thanks for sharing all these crafts :-)!

  6. 11

    There are some very neat ideas here. Now I want to collect all of my toilet paper holders so I can make a few of these!

  7. 13

    Great ideas! I always throw those rolls out but I will make a point of recycling or reusing them now!

  8. 15

    thanks so much for including my colorful ghouls!

  9. 17

    I need to make those little treat holders. We definitely go through enough toilet paper to get enough rolls for Halloween!

    • 18

      I’m thinking about making one for each member of the family for a special Halloween morning surprise. Candy from sun-up to sun-down!

  10. 19

    On occasion, but recently my daughter has taken it upon herself to take the paper rolls and make her own craft!

  11. 21

    What a great idea! Especially since my kids go through TONS of TP. I love the candy holder idea.

    • 22

      I was wondering if this would encourage my kiddos to start using the toilet paper up faster, just so they could get to the rolls. That’d defeat the purpose of recycling, for sure!

  12. 23

    These are so cute and fairly easy considering how much toilet paper we go through as a family of 5!

  13. 24

    Its amazing what you can do with a toilet paper roll LOL. I love the little pocket like crafts how cute.

  14. 25

    Those treat holders with the witches’ boots are absolutely adorable.

  15. 27

    Those crafts are amazing. Who knew you could do so much with a toilet paper roll.

  16. 29

    We actually just made some toilet paper candle holders for the porch (they aren’t a cute as the one’s in the photo), but I think they’re a nice addition to the other Halloween decor. I’m definitely going to have to try some of the other ones listed.

    • 30

      We have a combination of store-bought and homemade decorations up. The kids loooove to see their handiwork displayed. Hope you guys have fun crafting!

  17. 31

    My daughter just made a spy glass out of our toilet paper roll this afternoon. She said she’s a pirate!

  18. 33

    Those crafts are adorable and so creative! I love upcycling and reusing things I would normally throw away. 🙂

  19. 34

    Other than putting empty shampoo bottles in the recycle bin, I don’t recycle bathroom items

  20. 35

    Those are SUCH cute ideas! I don’t recycle my bathroom stuff, but that’s mostly because I didn’t know I could!

  21. 37

    I don’t recycle the shampoo bottles but I do recycle the toilet paper rolls for craft projects … so I LOVING the ones you highlighted. The jack o lantern ones are so cute!

    And, if my Dad’s first name was Basil, I’d reference him by first name too!

  22. 38

    These are cute ideas and those dang rolls seem to go down mighty fast, may as well make use of them.

  23. 39

    It is amazing all the cute crafts toilet paper rolls can create.

  24. 40

    All are wonderful ideas, especially the one in the last picture!

  25. 41

    Great ideas! We always save our rolls for crafts, so we have some and can try these soon. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  26. 42

    I need to start hanging on to the toilet paper rolls. Fun crafts!

  27. 43

    Wow such clever reuses! I especially love the candle holder 🙂

  28. 44

    I remember doing TP roll crafts in school, but I’d forgotten all about it. These are all super cute ideas!

  29. 45

    Love the candy holders. That’s smart for any holiday!

  30. 46

    I always save toilet paper rolls because you can make so many Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas crafts with them! 🙂

  31. 48

    I love the detail of some of those crafts, especially the candy holders. It’s crazy to think of how much we waste that we can reuse!

  32. 50

    Those are awesome. And my grandpa was “thrifty” as well… I learned a lot from him 🙂

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