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Disney’s Frozen Easter Basket Ideas

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Flashback to the great Tickle Me Elmo shortage of 1996. That’s the current situation I’m facing with merchandise from Disney’s Frozen. There’s nothing! So what’s a mama to do when she’s working with the Easter Bunny to prepare Easter baskets for two Frozen-obsessed little girls?

Growing up, my Easter basket featured predominantly candy … and I loooved that. But today our Easter Bunny delivers a few gifts and cuts back on the sugary stuff.

I’ve been scouring the internet in search of items to warm their hearts and here are some ideas for an Easter basket inspired by Disney’s Frozen:

Frozen Easter Basket

Elsa Dress  // The elusive Elsa dress.  Check online to find a Target near you that has them in stock.  Only available in one size.

Frozen Sparkle Lip Gloss  // Four glittery lip glosses with adorable caps featuring the characters of Frozen.

Felt Snowflake Hair Clip  // An adorable turquoise hair clip to wear all year round.

Satin Gloves  // Conceal, don’t feel with these satin gloves.

Silly String  // Let it go, let it gooooo!  Since we all can’t shoot ice, silly string will have to do.

Snowflake Lollipops  // What’s an Easter basket without a little bit of candy?

Make Your Own Snow Globe Kit //  Your child’s ice palace is waiting in this kit that makes 3 glitter domes.

Snow in an Instant  // Not enough snow this winter?  Make your own!

Elsa Headband Crown  // This gorgeous crystal headband would make any princess’s day.

Glittery Blue Nail Polish  // An ice-inspired manicure.

Silver Hair Chalk  // Anna’s hair streak was a result of being frozen by her sister, but hair chalk is a much less dangerous approach to get the same result.

Snowflake Candy Necklace // It’s the wrong time of year, but you may still be able to find some winter candy.

Let It Go Sign  // Check out Etsy or other handmade shops for adorable Frozen products.

I know with the popularity of the movie, my girls aren’t the only ones hoping the Easter Bunny can whip up some Anna or Elsa surprises.  I hope you found some inspiration that won’t have you traveling to Arendelle and back to find it.

What is your favorite Frozen-inspired Easter basket idea?

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  1. 1

    Cute ideas…this is the first year our girls know the truth about the Easter Bunny (that’s he’s yummy!). Will be quiet here this year.

  2. 3

    Those ideas are so cute. I can’t wait to have a daughter to share this movie with!

  3. 5

    Lots of great ideas! Especially lots of candy-free ideas! My kids are obsessed with Frozen!

  4. 7

    Oh my heart, these are fantastic ideas! My daughter is crazy in love with FROZEN! I seriously want that headband crown!

  5. 9

    These are really cute, it’s so horrible that I love this stuff and wish I was a kid again to have fun with it- I never got this cool stuff as a kid!!

  6. 11

    Those are so cute! We don’t have any girls but if we did, I know these ideas would be perfect for their Frozen themed Easter basket.

  7. 13

    Those lip glosses are so cute, especially the Olaf one. And the snowflake lollipops are a nice edition, because you’re right…Easter baskets have to have some candy in them 😉

    • 14

      There’s a noticeable lack of chocolate which would be very upsetting to my daughter. It’s not Easter without a little, right?

  8. 15

    These are so cute and fun!

  9. 16

    These are some really adorable ideas for sure. I love that color nail polish. I think a silver color will be really good too.

  10. 18

    Great idea, wish I had a girl!

  11. 19

    Great idea’s! I love that little dress it is so cute. I know my niece would love a basket full of these goodies!

  12. 20

    I love these FROZEN ideas! Especially the makeup for my tween’s Easter Basket! She enjoyed the movie but is a little to grown up for the toys at 12.

  13. 21

    My daughter (21 months old) won’t fully understand the greatness of Frozen at her age, but this is a wonderful idea down the road!

  14. 22

    Great ideas! My boys would even like some of these!

  15. 23

    Thankfully my daughter hasn’t seen the movie yet… them I’ll be in trouble…lol

  16. 24

    Love the blue nail polish.

  17. 25

    Those are great ideas. Love the OPI nail polish.

  18. 26

    I’m over all the candy, however I did just buy some for their baskets!! I love your ideas better.

  19. 27

    Most of these are a bit too girly for my son BUT he’d LOVE the make your own snowglobe kit!

  20. 28

    My baskets were primarily filled with candy, too, when I was a child. I don’t put much candy in my son’s, though. Frozen is one of my favorite movies, ever, btw, so I love this ideas for Easter baskets.

  21. 29

    What a great idea for an Easter basket. I’m sure the girls would love it!

  22. 30

    We really enjoyed the movie, so these are especially awesome ideas! The blue nail polish would be a great inclusion for my oldest, who is entering her tween years.

  23. 31

    That would be such a fun gift basket for a girl! I love the lip gloss and nail polish!

  24. 32

    Such great ideas! Wish I would have seen this before today! 🙂

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