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D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera Review

Product provided for review. All thoughts and opinions are those of the writer.

What’s on your list of must-haves for baby?  Mine includes swaddling blankets, a nursing pillow, and a baby monitor.  I’m guilty of trying to sneak into the baby’s room to see if she’s still sleeping.  And we all know what happens when I attempt my sneaking.  I sneeze or the wind blows the door close, and, of course, the baby is screaming. Ugh. That’s why a video baby monitor is a necessity for me.

DLink wireless baby video baby monitor

I received a D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera to review and it’s pretty much the coolest baby monitor ever.  Using your smartphone or tablet you can access the camera’s feed and remotely view your baby.

Here are some of the features of the D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera:

  • Sound/Motion Detection. Watch your sweet little one sleep anywhere. Also, you can hear the baby even when your phone is locked (like while you’re sleeping).
  • Capture Images. Capture sweet images or videos of your sleeping babe. Or send photos of the baby screaming to loved ones as a call for help!  There’s also 4x digital zoom.
  • High quality video. HD 720p quality video is better than my parents’ television.
  • Day & Night Vision. The D-Link camera allows you to crisply see your baby any time of day.
  • 2 Way Audio. Sometimes just the sound of your voice can calm a soothing baby (or make mine cry louder since she is angry I haven’t picked her up yet).
  • Lullabies. Multiple lullabies can lull baby back to sleep and can be controlled remotely.

DLink video baby monitor on Phone

To be able to use the baby camera, I downloaded the free mydlink app.  A new upgrade to the app allows you to move the camera view with a swipe of your finger.  This is a great feature since my baby scoots herself around the crib.

Because it’s plugged in, there’s a cord to power the camera.  Due to safety concerns, you should not place the camera in baby’s crib.  A wall mount and instructions are included, but I chose to put the camera on a small nightstand next to the crib.

DLink video baby monitor can be used night and day

I was pleased with the quality of picture I got of the baby.  An added bonus are cry, movement, and room temperature monitors.  I thought it was pretty funny that even without a baby in the crib, it scored movement as a 3.  These monitors can be turned off, which is just one of the ways you can tailor the D-Link Baby Camera to suit your needs.

The days of sneaking into baby’s room are behind us.  The D-Link Baby Camera isn’t just a video monitor.  It’s a sigh of relief knowing so many of a parent’s concerns are addressed while baby is in another room.

DLink wireless video baby monitor


You can buy the D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera for the suggested retail price of $179.99 in pink or blue.

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  1. 1

    I wish they had this 13 years ago!

  2. 2

    This looks like a great video camera. We had just basic sound monitors when my kids were little. I would have loved one of these to see them while they were sleeping.

  3. 3

    How handy not to be hemmed in by the reach of a normal monitor!

    • 4
      Melanie says:

      I haven’t done it yet, but I can totally imagine myself checking up on her naps while I’m at work.

  4. 5

    This is so neat. They didn’t have anything like this when my son was born and I never knew much about them with the girls. If I had a baby now, I most definitely would be looking into this.

  5. 6

    I’ve heard great things about D-Link, if I had a baby, I would try it.

  6. 7

    SO COOL! I wish they had this (affordable) when my boys were babies.

  7. 8

    We had a video monitor for our youngest and it was the best thing ever. Loved that I could check on him without having to go in his room and risk disturbing him. However the security of a wifi one makes me a little nervous.

    • 9
      Melanie says:

      Each monitor has its own unique password that you enter when setting it up. You also password protect your monitor from your mobile device. When I am connecting to my wifi network, the monitor is not listed which made me feel a little better. However, I do completely understand your concern. You never know who’s out there!

  8. 10

    That is the coolest monitor! We are done having babies, but my sister might have to have the D-Link!

  9. 11
    Paula Krueger says:

    Awesome camera! Thanks for sharing.

  10. 12

    I would’ve loved having one of these when my kids were little! I’ll have to keep it in mind as a baby shower gift!

  11. 13

    I like the sounds of this baby monitor. It has many wonderful features. I love the fact that there is an app that I can use on my phone and tablets.

  12. 14

    We finally got a wifi camera for the kids basement playroom and omgosh I adore it. Now I can catch them or watch them be sweet little creatures.

    • 15
      Melanie says:

      That’s a great idea! We have a separate building that we use an additional family room. I love that my kids go out there to play, but I never know what they are up to!

  13. 16

    Those are SO cool! I want one for my big kids – make sure they are REALLY going to bed when they say they are LOL

  14. 18

    It looks like it has awesome features. We didn’t have such hi tech cameras when my girls were little.

  15. 19

    I like that it’s both ways and you could sing or talk to your baby from the other room.

    • 20
      Melanie says:

      It’s a great feature. My little one seems to be annoyed that I’m not picking her up yet, but it’ll be great when she’s a little older.

  16. 21

    That extra security of being able to see them is so worth it!

  17. 22

    That is a super picture from a baby monitor on the remote device. I’ve seen some that are really blurry or fuzzy, but that one is great.

  18. 23

    I really wish we had one of these when my son was a baby!

  19. 24
    Del Green says:

    This looks like a really nice monitor. I thought our VTech one was nice, but I do like the fact that we can connect this monitor with our phones and tablets and view it anywhere.

  20. 26

    That seems like a great camera! I have a wi-fi baby monitor from another brand that I have issues with. This one looks much better though.

  21. 27

    That looks SO much better than the one I got. Mine doesn’t hook up to my phone (I REALLY wish it did) and it disconnects from the handset all the time which emits an icky loud “alarm”. I’m going to look into this camera.

    • 28

      That sounds awful! I haven’t had any trouble with it disconnecting. The ability to check in from anywhere really sold it for me.

  22. 29

    This is such a cool invention! I love how you can view her from the phone too!

  23. 30

    That’s so convenient to be able to check on her any time any where on you mobile device.

  24. 31

    This looks like a really great camera! I wish they had this 20+ years ago when I had a little one.

  25. 32
    Pam Carrie says:

    Wi-Fi Baby Camera looks very futuristic, kind of like “big brother’s eyeball” is watching! Poppy looks so cute, and it’s a nice reassuring tool to having, watching her sleeping or waking!!!

    • 33

      I think she’s pretty cute! We should all be celebrating that she’s awake and not being held, Pam!

  26. 34

    My sister has this exact camera and really enjoyed all of the versatile features. I sure wish camera monitors like this were affordable and easily available when my babies were small.

    • 35

      Baby gear keeps getting better and better! I’m loving this monitor, and can’t imagine what they’ll think of next. Smell-o-vision so you can check diapers? That sounds like a job for my husband.

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