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Magic Jigsaw Puzzles | Fun For the Whole Family!

When I was younger I would spend hours sitting at the table looking at puzzles pieces, trying to find where they fit into the chaos laid out before me. There was something so cathartic about finding where each puzzle piece belonged. It was so satisfying finding where one piece belonged in a sea of many others. I still like to solve puzzles, but the … [Read more...]

Similac StrongMoms Free Baby Journal iPhone App

No one ever tells you how hard being a parent is.  Quite honestly, I think it's the hardest job ever.  Not because my children are terrible, but because it's a life long commitment and I constantly worry about my children.  When I'm not with them, I think about what they're doing, if they're playing too rough, etc. and when I'm with them I feel … [Read more...]