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25-Minute Sausage and Rice

Working with companies that I already use and are familiar with is a huge plus of the work I do. In fact, it really makes my job that much easier because I know the brand, I know the products, and it already fits in really nice with my life. So being able to work with MinuteĀ® Rice on this 25-Minute Sausage and Rice recipe and party was so much … [Read more...]

Spanish Rice and Beef Burritos

An easy Spanish Rice and Beef Burritos recipe that you can whip up in 30 minutes! I don't know what it is about the summer, but it makes me lazy. My schedule gets out of whack and I just want to spend the days hanging out with my children and not doing much of anything else. But we still need to eat, the clothes need to be washed, the floors … [Read more...]