Hoppy Easter Treat Bag Toppers

I’ve been looking at a box filled with Peeps for the last couple of weeks and I finally decided to put my thinking cap on to prepare for Easter.

{Yes I know it’s only March and that Easter is during the latter part of April.}

I’ll be sharing a really fun Easter cupcake next week and if I have enough time (fingers crossed), I want to share some more cute Easter projects and Easter treats this month.

Our children don’t have parties at school for Easter, but I do like to send in something little for their teachers. I also thought about using these for our children at church.

easter treat bag toppersI made these Hoppy Easter Treat Bag Toppers using my Silhouette Cameo and the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software. Don’t worry, though. You will not need either of those to make these. I’ve done most of the work for you.

You’re welcome.

hoppy easter treat bag topperYou’ll need just a few supplies and the Hoppy Easter Treat Bag Toppers to be one your way to making these cute little Easter treats.

hoppy easter treat bag topper


  • Package of Peeps Bunny Marshmallows (color of your choice)
  • 3″ x 5″ Clear Treat Bags
  • Hoppy Easter Treat Bag Topper Printable (6 per page)
  • Stapler
  • Glue Dots or Adhesive Dots (2 per bag)
  • Scissors or Silhouette Cameo


  • Print as many pages of the Hoppy Easter Treat Bag Toppers as you’ll need. Remember, each page has 6 toppers. If you don’t have a Silhouette Cameo, you’ll need to cut out the toppers. They do not have a line around the edges, but they are made to be 3″ x 3″, with the top half being blank. If you have a Silhouette, the registration marks have been included for easy cutting.
  • Each treat bag will fit two Peeps. It will be a snug fit, but it is easier to get them into the bag if you leave them attached together. Once you have the bunnies comfortably inside the bag, fold over the top of the bag and secure in the middle with a staple. The staple will be hidden once you put on the topper.
  • If you have something on hand to score the toppers, do that at the 1.5″ mark, so that it’s easier to fold over the bag.
  • I used Glue Dots to adhere the topper to the bag, but you can use whatever you have on hand. I didn’t want staples showing on the toppers, so that is why I decided to go this route. If you are fine with the staples showing, go for it. I placed a Glue Dot in the middle on both the top and bottom edges. You will then make sure your bag is centered with the topper, fold the topper over the bag, and press firmly.

You’re done!

hoppy easter treat bag topper

These really are so simple to make and incredibly cheap, too! I had all the supplies on hand to make these so I’m not totally sure how much each one costs to make, but I can’t imagine they would be any more than $.50/each.

And the colors are just fun, y’all.  I used the yellow and pink bunnies, but they are also available in purple, orange, green and blue.

hoppy easter treat bag topper

Will you be making anything fun for Easter?

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  1. 1

    I’m not really sure what I’ll be making yet but I’m collecting all these cute ideas I’m finding online

  2. 2

    What a perfect way to present some Peeps. Super cute!

  3. 3

    What a fun and cute idea for Easter treats!

  4. 4

    How cute are these?! Perfect for Easter treats for school!

  5. 5

    These are so cute, yet so easy! Thanks for the idea & printable!

  6. 6

    Cute, easy, and cheap: does it get any better? Thanks!

  7. 7

    These are so cute! I love the printable, thanks for sharing them!

  8. 8

    These are adorable and my kids would totally get a kick out of them. Thanks!

  9. 9

    I think i am going to make another Peeps Sunflower cake. It was so cute and such a hit. Those are super cute treats.

  10. 10

    These will be so cool to make with my son. Thank you!!!

  11. 11

    I don’t think a box of Peeps would last for weeks in our house. They tend to disappear so quickly. These are such cute Easter treats!

  12. 12

    Those are adorable and we love Peeps since they are a nut free treat for my peanut allergic son!

  13. 13

    These are adorable and would be so cute in Easter baskets this year. Thanks for the tutorial.

  14. 14

    So cute! This is actually a homemade (and nut free) Easter treat I could send to my daughter’s preschool class.

  15. 15

    This is such an adorable idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  16. 16

    Aww, how cute are these to pass out!

  17. 17

    That is such a cute idea. I love Peeps. I’ll probably steal a few from my kids again this year.

  18. 18

    This is such a cute idea! I bet my kids would love to give something like this to their friends.

  19. 19

    Those are so cute, I am going to print some so the boys can give these out at co-op.

  20. 20

    Those are so adorably cute, Crystal!

  21. 21

    Those are so cute!! Love it!

  22. 22

    Those are so cute! They’d be perfect for my son to give his friends.

  23. 23

    These treat bag toppers are a great idea! I will keep them in mind for sure for Easter treats.

  24. 24

    Easter is just before our daughter’s birthday this year, so we’ll probably incorporate a lot of Easter treats into her celebration.

  25. 25

    What a cute easter treat kids could take to school for sure.

  26. 26

    How cute! They wouldn’t let us hand those out at school since they have been opened first. Everything has to be store bought and in the original packaging. I love how you made the bags though they look like you could buy them like that.

  27. 27

    really cute idea, thanks for sharing!! Love the peeps!

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