20 Jelly Bean Ideas for Easter

Hidden in plastic eggs or a topping on a sweet treat, love jelly beans.  Well, except for those pesky black ones.

{Jelly Bean Manufacturers, have you considered a black jelly bean-free bag?}

Black Jelly BeanThis iconic Easter candy has inspired some amazing treats and ways to celebrate Easter. Here are 20 of my favorite Jelly Bean inspired ideas:

Jelly Bean Inspired Easter ideas

Jelly Bean Treats

Jelly Bean-Shaped Cookies  // These delicate sugar cookies are paying tribute to the jelly bean.

Jelly Bean Bark  // This colorful candy bark features just three ingredients.

Jelly Bean Pop Tarts  // I love jelly beans.  I love pop tarts.  Double win.

Jelly Belly Flower Cake  // Sweet flowers made from jelly beans make this a cake you won’t forget.

Jelly Bean Bird Cookies  // Graham crackers are topped with jelly bean birds on a wire.

Jelly Bean Cookies  // Swap out chocolate chips for jelly beans in your favorite recipe.

Jelly Bean Flower Cupcakes  // See what’s sprouting atop these adorable cupcakes.

Bacon Flavored Jelly Beans  // Because dads need candy, too.

Cookie Easter Baskets  // Make chocolate chip cookie Easter baskets to hold your favorite candies.

White Chocolate Peeps on a Stick  // Jelly beans serve as colorful tails for these yummy white chocolate bunnies.

Spring Cookie Pizza  // If this candy-topped “pizza” were available for delivery, I’d never leave home.

Jelly Bean Decor & Crafts

Jelly Bean Front Door Monogram  // Welcome guests with this sweet alternative to a front-door wreath.

Jelly Bean Napkin Rings  // Set the table with this iconic Easter candy.

Jelly Bean Necklace & Bracelet  // Kids will love to craft and wear their jelly beans.

Jelly Bean Bow Tie  // Even little boys will look sweet in this jelly bean bow tie.

Jelly Bean & Gerber Daisies Centerpiece  // Fill your vase with your favorite treat to make this gorgeous centerpiece.

Jelly Bean Topiary  // I’ll try not to eat the decorations from this topiary.

Jelly Bean Chicks  // These little chicks are a great preschool craft or a small gift to give.

Jelly Bean Nail Art  // Your manicure will look yummy when adorned with candy.

Jelly Bean Wreath  // Guests will be drooling over your welcoming wreath.

Whether you’re snacking on them or decorating with them, I know you’ll be inspired by these sugary-sweet jelly bean ideas.  The only trouble will be not eating them all before completion!

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  1. 1

    That is a great idea, I hate the black ones!

  2. 2

    I’ll volunteer to eat the black ones. It’s a sacrifice, but I’m willing to make it. Just none of the dark purples mixed in, please.

    • 3

      Expect a bag full of them on Easter. Added bonus, you won’t have to eat a weird egg dish Mom makes. You’re welcome. 🙂

  3. 4

    HAHAHAHAHA I do not like Black Jelly Beans!!! Such a great list, thank you!!! I love Easter DIY Craft Idea’s!!

  4. 5

    I do not like the black ones either, or the white. I’m a big fan of the cinnamon bag of jelly beans. My dad always buys me them:) Definitely going to check out this list!

  5. 6

    This reminds me that we need to take a tour at the local Jelly Belly factory!

    • 7

      I wish I lived near one! Once I went to Hershey, PA & got to tour the chocolate factory. That was awesome!

  6. 8

    Ha! I don’t like the black ones either 🙂 I am a fan of the Starburst ones that come out at Easter. I could eat a whole bag and then have a tummy ache 😉

  7. 9

    I love the black ones! I always have, I’m weird that way. 🙂 That centerpiece is really pretty!

    • 10

      It sounds like I’m not alone in my dislike for them. But the jelly bean companies wouldn’t include them if no one liked them. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone!

  8. 11

    I love these ideas. So many fun crafts to do with the kids.

    • 12

      I know my girls would be eating their jewelry if we made the jelly bean necklace & bracelet. So cute…and yummy!

  9. 13

    I like the black ones! lol. Those cookies are adorable!

  10. 14

    Oh I love this! Love Jelly Beans. Except those silly BLACK ONES! Yuck! lol.

  11. 15

    Yes, I love this!! Love Jelly Beans and Easter!

  12. 16

    I love that some card you created. I CAN’T stand the black jelly beans at all. I love all of these ideas.

  13. 17

    Those little jelly bean cookies are cute!

    • 18

      I don’t have a bean-shaped cookie cutter, but it seems like a shape that should be pretty easy to create.

  14. 19

    Black jelly beans are not my favorite either. My mom loves them. You found lots of fun jelly bean ideas!

  15. 20

    What great ideas! And black jelly beans get a bad name I LOVE them.

    • 21
      Melanie says:

      Haha! Sorry! I knew that they must have some fans, otherwise they would have had disappeared like the tan M&Ms.

  16. 22

    Who knew there were so many ways to eat/use jelly beans. 🙂

  17. 23

    So many fun and easy ways to use Jelly Beans. Not to mention how festive they look.

  18. 24

    The jelly bean napkin holder is so stinkin’ cute!

    • 25
      Melanie says:

      Isn’t it? The only trouble is I’d probably look a little silly when my guests find me hiding in the kitchen eating the napkin rings. 🙂

  19. 26

    These are such a great round up of ideas. I love jelly beans too, especially the black ones!

  20. 27

    My mom LOVES the Black Jelly Beans. Ew! I really like that vase – we don’t eat very many so that would be a great way to have them out on display!

    • 28
      Melanie says:

      I bet you could put a smaller vase inside the larger one and just fill in the gap. That way you would use less jelly beans (more for me!!!).

  21. 29

    I love jelly beans, too, especially Jelly Belly beans. 🙂

  22. 30

    What cute ideas! I love jellybeans too. Those napkin rings are so cute!

  23. 31

    so many options we’ll have to try some Easter is around the corner

  24. 32

    Love the jellybean shaped cookies, those I could definitely get into eating.

  25. 33

    Those are some great ideas! I totally agree with you on the black jelly beans.. yuck!

  26. 34

    Those napkin holders are really cute!

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