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Our Disney Room Makeover Reveal

The last month or so we’ve been working diligently to give our youngest son a Disney inspired room makeover that was kid-friendly yet still very much stayed with the simplistic design in our home.  As mentioned in an earlier post, this is Peyton’s first time deciding on a theme for his room.  He had plenty of choices, but he decided on Toy Story.

My husband and I thought long and hard about this room.  We wanted to incorporate different parts of Toy Story, but not stick tons of bright, colorful decals up on his walls.  We wanted something that still screamed Toy Story, but that was functional and simple.

One of our ideas was to incorporate the beloved Etch-A-Sketch using the new line of Disney chalkboard paint from Glidden.  We found three old wooden frames in our attic that we spray painted a glossy red, made white knobs out of pieces of wood that were supposed to be little doll heads, and painted the wall with the chalkboard paint.  We thought the children might argue over one, so we made a wall of three.

homemade etch a sketch for toy story room

I’ll admit that I’m pretty happy with how these turned out.  It didn’t cost us much at all and provides the children with so much fun and another way to express their creativity.

wall art from woody costume

A costume that was destined for the trash bin because the kids had outgrown it was re-purposed into wall art.  I can’t take credit for this one as it was all my husbands idea.  The frame we found in the attic, so this little piece of art didn’t cost us a dime yet it’s perfect for the room.

woody puzzle wall art

Another inexpensive project was this Toy Story puzzle that we turned into a framed piece of wall art.  We already had the frame, puzzle and Mod Podge on hand, so this project just costs us the time it took to put the puzzle together and for the Mod Podge to dry.

toy story bed

In keeping with our simple theme we didn’t want to get a themed comforter.  Instead, we chose a comforter that matched his themed sheets.  And since his bed does not have a headboard, my husband made a wood piece out of crates to go on the wall behind his bed.  Since he has plenty of stuffed Woody’s and Buzz Lightyear’s, we used some of them for decorations on his bed.

toy story room

To give the children more area to play with the chalkboard paint, we also painted the lower third of one of his walls.  The tape didn’t do a good enough job so there was a little bleeding from the paint, so instead of a chair rail, we went with a piece of rope.  I think it goes exceptionally well with the Toy Story theme and was much easier and cheaper to use than chair rail.

chalkboard paint

We had a room reveal party and invited some of our friends and family over to see Peyton’s new room.  The party was a huge success and the children loved being able to write on the walls…although I did hear “now you can’t write on the walls at home, okay?” plenty of times.  The chalkboard walls were the highlight of the party.

Peyton is incredibly happy with his room.  In fact, on the weekends, the other kids want to sleep in his room too.  It’s kind of cool to hang out in baby brothers room now.

toy story games

We also treated our guests to games, food and prizes, Toy Story style.  We kept things simple and uncomplicated and did an easy game of “How Many Army Men are in This Jar” and had Mr. Potato Heads available for play.  All child-aged guests also received a bandana and Sheriff’s badge.


The food was plentiful and all themed around Toy Story.  The place cards were super simple to make.  I just used some printed cardstock in the print (cut to size of course) I wanted (dots) and used my computer to make labels.  Here is the menu from the party!

hamm sandwiches for toy story party

pizza planet pizza for toy story party

slinky hot dogs for toy story party

sheriff cookies for toy story party

martian cupcakes for toy story party

snake in my boot for toy story party

infinitea for toy story party

I really had a ton of fun planning Peyton’s room and the party.  I bought another color of chalkboard paint that I didn’t end of implementing in Peyton’s room and I’m already thinking about ways to incorporate it somewhere else.  It’s just a fun finish for the walls and the kids love it.

This whole experience was so much fun.  A special thank you to all my friends and family who showed up for the reveal of Peyton’s new room.

toy story party

Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden.
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  1. 1

    I LOVE all of the fun details y’all added to his room! Bryson’s room is western themed, so I may have to steal a couple of these. We have an outgrown Woody costume that would look adorable framed. Thanks for sharing all of these fun ideas!

  2. 3

    WOW!!!! You and your husband are so creative. I am totally “stealing” that framed costume idea. We have a spiderman one that is so ripped and torn, but will be perfect in his new room (whenever we get around to building him one)

    I really really love how you incorporated the Toy Story theme into the party foods. InfiniTea was my fave!

  3. 5

    Love all the little details into the room!

  4. 7

    Oh my wow, his room came out so cute! I especially love that you used rope as a divide, so creative.

    • 8

      Thanks, Jenn. I actually got the rope idea from another blogger, Connie. Once she mentioned it I knew it would be better than chair rail.

  5. 9

    What an awesome room and a fantastic party. You are incredibly talented. Can you come to my house and do my bedroom in a Cinderella style? Bill is so wonderful, he wouldn’t mind.

    I adore how Rylan looks in the group shot, but of course, you know I have a special place in my heart for that little man. <3

    • 10

      Oh, thanks so much Lorie! I have to admit that Ryan and I work well together. Once we get going, it just flows.

      And you know Rylan, he is such a ham.

  6. 11

    Adore the new room! Love the costume in the frame 🙂

  7. 13

    What a fun celebration! I love the room reveal party idea!

  8. 15

    Looks fantastic! Great job!

  9. 17

    I absolutely adore all the ideas you came up with. The costume art was a fantastic idea. You guys did a fantastic job!

  10. 19

    I love the art work you created for this room. So cute.

  11. 21

    It turned out great! I love the chalkboard wall.

  12. 23

    LOVE IT!!! I love the family group picture! Best ever 🙂

  13. 25

    The detail on this room is so much fun! I really love the puzzle art. Very simple, but not something that you would normally think of. The room reveal sounds like it was so fun too. Hamm sandwiches. 🙂 Nice job!

    • 26

      Ha, thanks Tiff! It was easy to come up with inexpensive ideas because we just used things we had laying around. And it totally helped that Peyton is fascinated with all things Toy Story.

  14. 27

    I love how it turned out.

  15. 29

    So awesome! You and your hubby make an awesome design team!

  16. 31

    That room is awesome, and the party seems like so much fun too! I am totally using a few of these ideas for my son.

  17. 33

    This room is SO cute! I love it! I love all your party ideas as well.. and I HAVE to know.. did you just cut a spiral in those hot dogs? That’s just awesome & SO impressive! My two year old is OBSESSED with all things Toy Story, and we are having a Toy Story party for his third birthday in September, and I’d LOVE to recreate this with your help! Thanks so much!

    • 34

      Thank you, Kristy. We absolutely adore how it all turned out.

      For the hot dogs, YES! I used a skewer and ran it through the middle of the frank. Then with a sharp knife, start cutting in a spiral shape all the way down to the bottom. Carefully take out the skewer and cook the frank. We used Hebrew National and then cooked them up on the skillet. So good and they were a big hit. Happy planning for your little guys third birthday.

  18. 35

    Love the use of the costume as wall art.

  19. 37

    Such an adorable room. I love that it’s a toy story room filled with lots of great details!

  20. 38

    What a great job!! I want to paint my playroom with chalkboard paint..

  21. 39

    You did an amazing job! I especially love the framed Woody outfit and the idea for a room reveal party is adorable as well.

  22. 40

    This is SERIOUSLY an adorable room!

  23. 41

    This came out unbelievably awesome!!

  24. 42

    Looks like everything turned out great!

  25. 43

    Oh wow! Looks awesome! Love your son in that last picture – total ham!! 🙂

  26. 44

    I love the Woody costume and puzzle wall art. Such great ideas!

  27. 45

    I am so impressed by what you did here. Love it!

  28. 46

    Wow, you did an amazing job!

  29. 47

    Very cute! I think you did an excellent job!

  30. 48

    wow over the top wtg. Looks fabulous

  31. 49

    I love the way his room came out and the savvy ideas you and your hubby came up with to pull it off on a budget.

  32. 50

    That’s really cute! I really love the Etch-a-Sketch idea – creative!

  33. 51

    It turned out wonderfully! I love it! What a great bedroom to be creative in!

  34. 52

    Seriously…you guys are so creative – I love the rope instead of the chair rail, the etch a sketch wall and the costume art….so cool – Peyton is one lucky kid 🙂

  35. 53

    Super cute! I love the chalkboard walls.

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