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Finding Dory Hank Craft

You'll be surprised how easy it is to make this adorable Finding Dory Hank Craft. Summer agrees with me. The warmer temperatures and laid back schedules bring a smile to my face. But when I think about what I love about summer I've got to include the amazing blockbusters that get released during the happiest months of the year. Finding Dory was, … [Read more...]

Interview with Eugene Levy from Finding Dory

Raising a child is no laughing matter. That is unless you're Eugene Levy, voice of "Charlie" in Finding Dory. As a character with a humorous side, it's tough trying to raise your blue tang daughter Dory with short term memory loss. During the Finding Dory event, we were able to sit down with Eugene Levy to chat about parenting, his experience as … [Read more...]

New Bounty Prints Featuring Finding Dory

In celebration of Disney•Pixar’s Finding Dory, Bounty has introduced NEW limited-edition paper towel and napkin prints that allow you to clean up all your unexpected messes and spills, with a little fun from our favorite forgetful fish. And let's face it y'all, the kids may even help clean up their messes with these fun prints from Finding … [Read more...]

Interview with Albert Brooks and Hayden Rolence from Finding Dory

Over the weekend, we celebrated the special relationship between my children and their father. It was a fun-filled day, barbecuing and watching basketball. But this weekend, movie goers flocked to see another father/son duo back on the big screen. Your favorite clownfish, Nemo and Marlin, are back in the sequel Finding Dory. As part of the Finding … [Read more...]

Finding Dory Themed Merchandise

With the release of Disney/Pixar's latest film, Finding Dory, comes the release of all the adorable plushes, books, backpacks, clothes, and more! When I was in LA last week for the Finding Dory Red Carpet Premiere, I was able to get a first hand look at some of the options available. And let me tell you, the Finding Dory themed merchandise does not … [Read more...]

Interview with Kaitlin Olson from Finding Dory

We were extremely lucky to be invited to LA for this exclusive interview with Kaitlin Olson from Finding Dory! A Blue Tang Fish named Dory and a father/son clownfish duo will be swimming back into theaters this Friday for the opening of Finding Dory, the latest release from Disney/Pixar. In addition to these beloved characters, there are few new … [Read more...]

Interview with Ellen DeGeneres + Ed O’Neill on Finding Dory

We were extremely lucky to be invited to LA for this exclusive interview with Ellen DeGeneres + Ed O'Neill on Finding Dory! Popcorn and a couple hours of entertainment, that's what I expect when I go to the movies. But seeing Finding Dory was so much more than that. We've been waiting thirteen years for this sequel and it definitely didn't … [Read more...]

Finding Dory Red Carpet Premiere

Man, it felt good to be back in LA for the Finding Dory Red Carpet Premiere. Iron Man 3 was the last red carpet I'd been on, y'all. It was way past due. And it was as exhilarating as I remembered. Paparazzi, celebrities, camera flashes, reporters...it's all exciting and so much fun! Finding Dory Red Carpet Premiere Being a work-at-home-mom, … [Read more...]

I’m Headed to LA for the Red Carpet Premiere of Finding Dory

Disney*Pixar, Disney Channel and Disney XD invited me to Los Angeles on an all-expenses paid trip, in exchange for my coverage of these events, which is the reason I'm headed to LA for the Red Carpet Premiere of Finding Dory. All opinions are my own. It's been a while since I've walked the red carpet. Between kids and work, my schedule just isn't … [Read more...]