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Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Bars

Like your mom always told you, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But if you're like me, sometimes eating breakfast is the last thing you actually want to do when waking up in the morning. As soon as my feet hit the floor I'm in super speed mode and stopping to eat just isn't in the itinerary. But I know how important breakfast is, … [Read more...]

Pineapple Banana Orange Breakfast Smoothie

There are some mornings when I simply don't have the energy to prepare myself a healthy breakfast. Instead of gorging myself in heaps of cereal or frozen breakfast pastries, I'll usually just throw a few frozen ingredients into the blender and call it breakfast. That's why having my freezer stocked with fruit is the best thing I've ever done. … [Read more...]

Strawberry-Banana Stuffed French Toast with Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread

Strawberry-Banana Stuffed French Toast, that's what is on the lineup for today. And to make it even more decadent, I added a chocolate and hazelnut spread. The creamy chocolate and nut flavor pairs perfectly with fresh strawberries and bananas all sandwiched between a slightly crisp french toast. It’s a breakfast that’s so sweet, you really … [Read more...]