5 Ways to Prevent Drowning

With summer in full swing, kids of all ages will be spending the next three months splashing around in the pool. But did you know that drowning is the second leading cause of death in children 1-14? Here are 5 ways to prevent drownings this summer.

This is a partnered post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. You can tell by their sun-kissed cheeks and huge grins that it is officially summer. Like many children, my girls will spend the majority of their summer in the pool. So as their mom, it's my job to ensure that they're safe. Drowning is a silent threat, as seen in the … [Read more...]

Keeping Our Kids Safe with SmartFeed

Need a way to see what your children are doing on their electronic devices? Consider backing the SmartFeed Kickstarter Campaign and gaining access to a way to personalize your child's activity while on their tablets.

One week of summer vacation, and I've already lost my children to the throws of their devices. Although I had grand plans of attacking our bucket list with fury, it was a slow and mellow week. It's probably what we all needed after a long school year. But when I stop and think about it, I have no idea what my children watched this week on their … [Read more...]

How to Host a 4th of July Parade

The 4th of July is a holiday that deserves celebration. Live in a neighborhood? Want to throw a parade? Here are some tips for how to host a 4th of July parade!

There is something so American about a 4th of July neighborhood parade. The grown-ups all sitting on their porches, sipping sweet tea out of mason jars. The children riding down the sidewalks on festively decorated bicycles. Can you picture it? We lucked out when moving onto our street and ended up with some pretty amazing neighbors. They already … [Read more...]

Patriotic Pretzels

Celebrate the 4th of July with these fun and festive Patriotic Pretzels. With only three ingredients, they're the easiest treats you'll make.

Can you believe it's almost the 4th of July? Y'all, how is this even possible? The summer is flying by way too fast and I'm not the least bit excited about it. Before I know it I'll be sending the younger two back off to school, and honestly, that is the last thing I want to do right now. I love having all three of my children home with me during … [Read more...]

The Ant-Man Costume

Marvel's Ant-ManConceptual Film Test Stills/Artwork©Marvel 2015

As the week of Ant-Man coverage comes to end, I'm going out with a bang with some facts about the Ant-Man costume. But it gets better. Not only did I get to touch and feel the Ant-Man costume and learn more about it from Costume Designers Sammy Sheldon and Ivo Coveney, I actually put the helmet on my head, y'all. There are only a handful of … [Read more...]

Interview with Abby Ryder Fortson

While on the set of Ant-Man back in November, I was able to get this exclusive interview with Abby Ryder Fortson.

Being on the set of a movie isn't as luxurious as one might imagine. Before I had the opportunity to do a movie set visit, my ideas of what it was like was much different than reality. Regardless if the movie is being shot on a sound stage or in a house in a residential neighborhood, there really isn't much that screams luxury. While we were on … [Read more...]

Easy Caprese Pizza

Making this Easy Caprese Pizza will be the best thing you did for yourself today. Made with Puff Pastry, it's the easiest pizza you'll ever make!

Last week my kids and I had the opportunity to attend a Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry party thrown by a local blogger in town. I was so excited to attend the party because I knew there would be food. It sounds silly, I know, but it was food I could eat that I didn't have to prepare. Add that to the fact that this is supposed to be work (aka I'm … [Read more...]

Interview with Judy Greer on the Set of Ant-Man

While on the set of Ant-Man back in November, I was able to get this exclusive interview with Peyton Reed.

Spending almost a full day outside in a small white tent bundled from head to toe in almost freezing temperatures is not how I imagined I would spend my day on the set of Ant-Man last November. In the moment, it was hard to think about anything other than the frost bite I thought I was experiencing in my toes. But as I'm looking back, and trying to … [Read more...]

Interview with Peyton Reed on the Set of Ant-Man

While on the set of Ant-Man back in November, I was able to get this exclusive interview with Peyton Reed.

When we were headed to the set of Ant-Man last November, I felt like I was on some covert mission to a hidden location rather than to a movie set stationed in a neighborhood in Atlanta. Our transportation to the set involved two separate shuttles. One from "home base" which is a general area where deliveries and the like are made so as to not … [Read more...]

Interview with Paul Rudd on the Set of Ant-Man

Get a look into the making of Ant-Man with this interview of Paul Rudd while on the set of Ant-Man.

It's always such an exciting adventure when I get to go on the set of a movie currently in production. Last November I had the opportunity to fly to Atlanta to go on the set of Ant-Man and interview several of the stars. One of those stars was Paul Rudd. Interview with Paul Rudd During our interview with Paul Rudd on the set of Ant-Man, you can … [Read more...]