1 Year Later


I can't believe it has already been a year since giving birth to a child that wasn't mine.  One full year later and I'm in still in awe of the journey called surrogacy.  I'll forever be grateful for the opportunity to experience something so incredible and for being just a small part of Zachary's story. Although my surrogacy journey is over, I am … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Everyday

5 simple ways to celebrate everyday

This is a partnered post with Lunchbox. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Tragedy has been all over the internet the last couple of weeks and when it happens so close to home, it's much more real and the fear, pain and overall emotional impact is so much worse. It makes me look at my life and see how blessed I truly am. The things … [Read more...]

A Perfect Pair

pf changs heirloom tomato salad

This is a partnered post. Thanks to P.F. Chang's for sponsoring today's discussion. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. As cliché as it may sound, my husband and I are a perfect pair. We are total opposites but somehow we balance each other out. He is incredibly loud. I'm quiet. He likes to be center of attention. I'm shy. I'm … [Read more...]

Exploring the Canal du Midi on Le Boat

canal du midi in homps france

During my 10-day adventure in France, I spent two days traveling down the Canal du Midi on a skipper guided tour with Le Boat. Extending the trip to experience France in this way was actually an option and one I didn't want to turn down. Having had the experience of vacationing in a houseboat, I kind of knew what to expect. After our short visit to … [Read more...]

Photo Tour Around Carcassonne, France

walkway between castles in carcassonne france

After leaving Marseille, I made my way to the medieval city of Carcassonne. Knowing I only had a few hours to explore this city, I left everything behind, only grabbing my camera, and headed out to explore. Within only minutes, I knew that a few hours wasn't nearly long enough and that the medieval city of Carcassonne deserves a return visit. … [Read more...]

I’m a Denny’s Diners Ambassador

Denny's Diners Ambassador Badge

I'm part of the Denny's Diners Ambassador program. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Like most families, we're busy. Between sports, work, church and other things that require our time and attention, at the end of the day, I'm exhausted. On those days when I just can't bring myself to stand in the kitchen for an hour preparing … [Read more...]

Planes: Fire & Rescue Movie Review

planes fire and rescue studio

If you are a fan of the Cars franchise, then I'm sure you're also a fan of the Planes franchise. With Planes: Fire & Rescue soaring into theaters today, I finally get to share my thoughts with you! I was treated to an early screening of the movie while I was in LA a few months back. Since I had fallen in love with Dusty when Planes debuted … [Read more...]

Three Days in Marseille, France

boats in the harbor of marseille france

My third stop during my tour of the South of France was the lively city of Marseille. As the second largest city in France, the streets are boasting with energy, shops, music and cultural celebrations. With a mild Mediterranean climate and a feast of world cuisines, I now know why Marseille sees over 4 million visitors annually. Marseille is a port … [Read more...]

RSVP for the #FoodMadeSimple Twitter Party

RSVP for the FoodMadeSimple Twitter party on July 25

Do you love a good Twitter Party? You know I do, and I'm so excited to be co-hosting a Twitter Party full of back to school tips and tricks! On Friday, July 25 at 3-4 pm ET, please join me for the #FoodMadeSimple Twitter Party where we will be sharing tips and tricks to help you simplify the back to school season. Join us for a chance to win … [Read more...]

Cruising and the Need for Moisturizer

carnival magic cruise

This is a partnered post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. We just got home from a 7-day cruise on Carnival Magic. During our seven days on the ship, we spent an enormous amount of time in the sun and in the pools and hot tubs on board the ship. Between the salt water pools and hot tubs and the chlorinated water of the water … [Read more...]

D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera Review

DLink wireless baby video baby monitor

Product provided for review. All thoughts and opinions are those of the writer. What's on your list of must-haves for baby?  Mine includes swaddling blankets, a nursing pillow, and a baby monitor.  I'm guilty of trying to sneak into the baby's room to see if she's still sleeping.  And we all know what happens when I attempt my sneaking.  I sneeze … [Read more...]