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New Years Photo Props

This is a partnered post with HP. As always, all opinions are my own. 2013 is quickly coming to an end and it's almost time to ring in the new year. To help with the festivities, I've printed out some New Years photo props from the Snapfish Print at Home website. In addition to the photo props, there are also other party decorations that can be … [Read more...]

Easy Countdown to Christmas Garland

This is a partnered post with HP. As always, all opinions are my own. I can still remember the excitement and anticipation of waiting for Christmas.  As a child it was the highlight of my year. A day dedicated to spending time with my family and opening up presents that had been taunting me the whole month.  And although the anticipation and … [Read more...]

DIY Swirl Christmas Ornament

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my house. With all the tubs of Christmas decor down from the attic, the tree waiting to be adorned with beautiful ornaments, and the children begging to help, the Christmas spirit is beginning to fill my house. With Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to share a fun, easy craft you can do with … [Read more...]

DIY Turkey Wreath

Y'all, November is flying by and the countdown to Thanksgiving is on. To help celebrate I wanted to share this DIY Turkey Wreath craft project that is super simple and fun! I'm always looking for crafts for children and this one is perfect for the little people. DIY Turkey Wreath Supplies Needed: Styrofoam Wreath (size will depend on how … [Read more...]

25 Thanksgiving Crafts

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded of the things in my life that make me feel thankful: my loving husband and creative children, my supportive network of family and friends, California sunshine, random acts of kindness, the list goes on and on. This is a wonderful time for all of us to reflect on how truly fortunate we are. These … [Read more...]

Recycle From Every Room of the House + 10 Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

This is a partnered post with MomTrends and Johnson & Johnson. My dad is the king of recycling.  He sorts by material and then color, and then keeps it all organized in a crazy sorting system that I have yet to figure out.  Now, Basil (when your dad's name is something awesome/unusual like "Basil," you are obligated to reference him by his … [Read more...]

DIY Halloween String Art

Candy, pumpkin carving, costumes...what's not to love?  I adore Halloween, and so my family and I have begun our decorating and costume planning. Pinterest has been taken over by string art, and it's no surprise why. It's a simple and inexpensive way to add some DIY art and texture to your home. My girls have been so excited about the chance to … [Read more...]

10 Handmade Candy Free Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It's almost February y'all and it's time to start thinking about Valentine's Day.  Up until I became addicted to Pinterest, my children did the traditional, straight out of the box, Valentine's for their classmates.  It was simple, didn't take much time and my children didn't seem to mind. Now that I'm all Martha Stewart wannabe, I decided that my … [Read more...]

A Frankenweenie Inspired Jack-O-Lantern

It’s October, so one of the activities that kids of all ages (even ones over 6 ft. tall) enjoy, is carving Jack-O-Lanterns.  We’ve created many Jack-O-Lanterns in the past, some have turned out awesome, and some, well, let’s just say it was a relief when Halloween was over and we could finally throw them out. This year, our first attempt turned out … [Read more...]

Crafts for July 4th

If you're looking for something for the children to do to celebrate the holiday, try some of these crafts for July 4th suggestions for children, from Debbie Scaccio, Arts & Crafts Specialist, and the staff at Block Institute. Crafts for July 4th Activity - Straw Painting Materials: red, white and blue tempera paint large … [Read more...]