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Reese’s Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Oreos

Reese's Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Oreos.  That's what is on the agenda today, y'all. Stop what you're doing right now and let's just imagine, that at this very moment, all is well with the world. Because really, it should be once you've tasted these little morsels of heavenly goodness. I mean, it's chocolate and Reese's for … [Read more...]

Easy White Chocolate Peppermint Fudge

My house looks like Christmas just came in and exploded everywhere. I don't think there is a nook or  cranny that hasn't somehow someway been touched by the Christmas elves. Even the kitchen has transformed into a Christmas Wonderland offering yummy treats like this Easy White Chocolate Peppermint Fudge. I love this time of year because it's … [Read more...]

Chocolate Cranberry Cereal Bars

This is a partnered post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I don't know about you, but I'm not looking forward to the busy mornings again. I love the later alarms and relaxed mornings. But I know that once school starts again my relaxed mornings are out the window! Regardless of how well I plan ahead my mornings are always … [Read more...]

S’Mores Milkshakes

This is a partnered post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. These S'Mores Milkshakes really are delicious! It's stinkin' hot outside, y'all. It's over 100 degrees here as I sit in my air conditioned office writing this S'Mores Milkshake recipe out for you guys. It's no wonder my kids don't want to play outside right now; it's a … [Read more...]

S’Mores Ice Cream Cake

This is a partnered post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Summer is in full swing and we're definitely feeling it weather-wise. We live in Texas and the temperature can reach over 100 degrees by noon. So it's super important for us to stay cool when we're playing outside. We always have ice water, of course, but we also like to … [Read more...]

Leprechaun Candy Bark

Have you ever had Leprechaun Candy Bark? It's super easy to make and only requires just a little bit of your time. To be completely honest here, I have no idea what St. Patrick's Day is celebrated for, but I do know that I love all the green, gold, and rainbow treats that fill my Pinterest feed. And since y'all know I'm all about easy recipes, you … [Read more...]

Homemade Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Chips

This Homemade Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Chips recipe brought to you by the wicked cold weather in Texas. The weather in Texas right now is no joke, y'all. I cannot handle the rainy days, the below freezing temperatures at night, and the constant chill throughout my home. I'm honestly about ready to pack everything up and head back to the … [Read more...]

Mint Chocolate Pudding Fudge

Sponsored post by Lunchbox. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Mint Chocolate Pudding Fudge. Just the name of this dessert sounds incredibly decadent, doesn't it? But the photos really show you just how decadent this dessert really is. Chocolate. Peppermints. Marshmallows. Seriously, y'all! Perfect for a night in with the family, … [Read more...]

Chocolate Covered S’mores Pops

This is a partnered post with Honey Maid. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I know this is my third recipe for holiday inspired treats this week, but I just can't stop y'all. All the chocolate is calling my name and the force seems to be stronger than my will to not eat all the chocolate. But, really, who can complain when all the … [Read more...]

Homemade Dark Chocolate Turtles

I'm proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy for the Gold Emblem and Total Home Prep for Holiday Entertaining campaign. I am being sponsored to help lead this campaign, but all opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at CVS.com or with the appropriate manufactures. We were walking through one of … [Read more...]